Friday, May 30, 2014

College Roommate by: married_but_curious©

I slowly wake up from a dream where a hot mixed race girl with a fine big booty is giving me a steamy blowjob.

Except the blowjob part is not a dream.

I open my eyes just a crack, groggily wondering what the fuck is going on. My roommate Tim is on my dorm room's lower bunk bed, with the covers pulled back to expose my naked body. His lips are wrapped around my cockhead, and slowly sliding deeper down toward the shaft. My prick is hard and I feel my hips betray me by bucking up into his engulfing mouth. My long cock fucks deeper into his face until his lips kiss my groin, my shaft buried completely inside his warm wet mouth.

While deepthroating me, his tongue slides between his lips and cock and gently licks the upper part of my ballsack. His hands grasp my hard buttocks, his fingers pulling my cheeks slightly apart, exposing it to the cool air in the room, which is raising disturbing thoughts in my head, dirty thoughts, crimethink really, about how good it would feel if those fingers sunk a little deeper into my asscrack or even touched my hole. I'm a little angry at Tim for stirring these thoughts, and I think about telling him to stop sucking me off, that I'm not OK with this, but my dick thinks otherwise, it feels like I'm about to explode inside that hot mouth of his. I struggle with this dilemma for a few more seconds, seconds where Tim's tongue is licking and caressing the underside of my cockhead. I think fuck it, this feels good, so I give in and groan and reach down and grab his hair and start fucking his face.

I try to make it not gay by closing my eyes and pretending it is a women blowing me, and scenes of women doing this flash through my mind, but then I imagine it is a guy, a guy who looks disturbingly like Tim, thin and feminine but discernibly male, doing this to me and that is even hotter, forbidden fruit, and so I'm about to unload ...

But Tim's mouth slides off. I start softly cussing him out, my eyes still closed, trying to preserve plausible deniability, like maybe I could later say I was sleepy and really thought it was a chick despite all the evidence to the contrary. "Goddamnit, you little slut, finish me off. I wanna cum."

"OK," he says. "Just a moment."

I wait impatiently for a few seconds, listening to the rustle of the bed sheets, and just as I'm about to open my eyes to see what the fuck is going on, I feel him grab my hard shaft with a slickly lubricated hand, rubbing moisture into my shaft, and then I feel what seems like the tightest pussy of my life pressing hard against the tip of my cock, a warm wetness inviting me -- begging me -- to cum inside.

Fuck? Is he trying to get me to fuck his ass?

My eyes shoot open and my damned roommate is straddling my hips and trying to jam his body down and impale itself on my straining cock, his eyes closed and head thrown back. I try to wriggle free, moving my hips trying to get my cockhead out of his asscrack, but the frantic bucking of my hips makes things worse. My prick rubs against his slick lubricated hole, back and forth and up and down, but rather than escaping his ass the movement of my cock parts and opens his assring and Tim takes further advantage of this opportunity by pressing down harder with his hips, trying to get my cockhead through his ring while his arms press against my chest and pin me to the bed. My traitorous cock, not knowing or caring about the gender or provenance of this lovely hot hole, grows harder, the cum inside my balls is building pressure, and I think, fuck it, and I do fuck it, I thrust up to punish Tim for his audacity in raping my cock with his ass.

I jam and buck trying to hurt Tim.

"I'm gonna fuck your little whore butthole, bitch."

"i want ..."

"SHUT your whore mouth and take my cock, or I'll slap the FUCK out of you."

His lips part, like he's about to say something, or maybe he's opening his slutty hole of a mouth in passion. Whatever. I reach up and slap his cheek hard. His other cheeks clench and wrap around my cockshaft. His face screws up with pain from the screwing, and a grunt escapes his lips as my cockhead breaks through into by far the tightest hole it's ever been inside, so much tighter and firmer than a pussy, and oh god, he's sinking all the way down my shaft in one loooong thrust, and I bottom out inside him, my pubic hair rubbing against his soft young skin and the smell of musk from fucking in the air, and his ass ring tightens and grips my shaft, pulse and release, pulse again.

It feels so goddamn good that I grab his thrusting hips and push him up, almost off my shaft, then pull down with all my strength, slamming brutally into his body and not caring if I break him or hurt him. But in this position he's still too dominant, still on top of me and in charge. So I start turning him -- or maybe it's him turning me -- and, my stiff cock still inside him, I roll him under me and then grab one of his legs and pull it so he's turning onto his stomach.

I yank his hair hard. Now there's no doubt who's in charge here, he's helpless and submissive in this doggystyle sprawled out position, on his hands and knees with his legs wide open and my legs between them pushing them even farther apart, and one of my hands pushing down between his shoulder blades, pinning him down while the other hand tugs on his hair. I thrust my hips, burying myself inside his slutty tight hot hole and I can't hold back any longer, I start exploding inside this tight fake pussy. It feels wrong and dirty and frankly kinda rapey, him taking advantage of me despite it being my cock inside his ass, and yet so incredibly damn good to be shooting all my cum into my roommate's ass, spurt after spurt until I'm gasping for air and spent, my head resting on his shoulder blade.

He turns his head and looks over his shoulder at me, looking with his soft eyes, looking at me, wanting me, wanting me so bad, my head reflected in his pupils, looking at my own wide open pupils in his eyes, watching him watching me, seeing in his eyes what he's seeing, with this soft feminine loving gaze like I'm the greatest thing that's ever happened to him, perhaps not getting that I'm really pissed at him for raping me, as my cum starts to trickle out of his asshole.

Joe's Shower Buddy by: joehard_007©

I knew that I was being watched. As the warm water sprayed over my naked body my cock was semi-rigid, growing from the knowledge that it was on display. But I am getting ahead of myself again. Let me start at the beginning...

It was morning at the campsite, and my head was still pleasantly buzzed from the night before. Memories of the past evenings exploits came in and out of focus as I showered in the camps bathhouse. I remembered my strolling through the hills of the secluded state park after a steak dinner I had grilled over the campfire. The lake was calm and inviting as I roamed around the unfamiliar settings in the dark. I needed no flashlight since the full moon was so bright, so I followed the path enjoying nature.

Don't ask me why, but in these settings I have an almost irresistible urge to be nude. Feeling buzzed from the beer, I looked around and saw that there was no one near me. I did hear laughter and conversations drifting from the campsites around the park, but where I was it seemed isolated enough.

"What the hell," I thought. I stashed my light jacket and flashlight next to a pine tree, and took off my shirt. I walked about twenty paces down the path, and did not see or hear anyone nearby. So, taking a chance, I lowered my shorts and underwear, slipping them off but leaving my shoes on to protect my feet. At first the cool mountain air chilled my body, causing my penis to deflate. But the thrill of doing something so risky counteracted the chill, and within moments I was back at a "well hung" cock, swing between my legs as I boldly walked down the path. I ditched my shorts and underwear by the path, further increasing the risk and excitement.

As I strolled along I could hear the lapping of the water in the lake, so I decided to go down to the edge. Knowing that I was totally visible to anyone if they happened to glance across the lake was an incredible turn on for me, and I allowed my hand to slip down to grasp my cock, which was becoming hard. It was a fantastic feeling, slowly stroking my dick, in the open at a state park.

My attentions to my penis were beginning to have the desired effect on my body. I dipped one hand in the lake, and cupped some warm water up to dribble on my cock. The instant the water splashed on my penis head I felt an electric thrill shoot through my whole body. Wet and slippery, I stroked the cock up and down, splashing more and more water on it. The feeling was intense, and I stood there thrusting my dick into my hands -- all under the full moon by the lake.

I felt it building in my balls as I continued to stroke my penis. I moved one hand down to cup my balls as I pumped the shaft with the other hand. Just before I came, I thought about how many people could see me right now if they happened to walk down the path, or even glance across the lake. I was totally exposed!

The cum shot out of my penis and arced through the air. I kept pumping until I was totally exhausted, collapsing by the water. After a few minutes I splashed some of the water on my body, and headed back to my tent. Gathering my clothes, I stayed naked as I walked back to my camp. I just dropped into my sleeping bag, and promptly fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up early and decided to go take a shower. Grabbing my gear (and putting on some clothes) I walked over to the public showers. The bathhouse had stalls on the right, sinks in the middle, and showers on the left. There was a row of benches across from the shower stalls, so I left my stuff on the bench and went to brush my teeth. As I stood there in my jogging shorts brushing my teeth I heard someone else come in. A college age blonde-haired guy walked past to the showers. Just glancing in his reflection in the mirror, I could see he was athletic -- sort of a surfer type. He too dropped off his stuff and soon came to the sink next to mine.

"Boy, it's great to be camping!" He announced.

I nodded in agreement glancing at him in the mirror. I was stunned to notice that he was not wearing any clothes! Shocked, I turned to glance at him as he stood next to me applying toothpaste to his toothbrush. His dick was just swinging freely as he began to brush his teeth.

He smiled at me as I just stared for a second, then I snapped back and focused on brushing my own teeth. I knew I was blushing, but right then I just wanted to get out ot this weird situation. What would anyone think if they came in at that moment? Of course, that made me feel silly knowing that only a few hours earlier I had been totally naked on the lakefront. Plus I had been masturbating! He was about to take a shower, so it was perfectly natural for him to be nude. Right?

And nude he was, as my eyes kept veering down in the mirror to his long dick, swaying back and forth with the movements of his brushing. He had a longer dick than mine, and his blonde pubic hair was well trimmed.

Now, I am not gay, but I do appreciate a nice body. And if I was perfectly honest, I always like to see the porn stars cocks as they shoot cum all over a nice set of breasts. In fact, I really like the "cumpilation" videos on the internet showing cumshot after cumshot from throbbing dicks.

So I kept glancing back at his cock, trying to be discreet, but feeling a fascination that I could not deny. I wondered what it would be like to take that long dick in my mouth and suck on it? I quickly glanced up and saw him smiling in the mirror like he knew my thoughts.

Flustered and guilty, I rinsed off my brush and headed back to the showers. I began pulling out my shower gear, soap, shampoo and my razor and shaving cream.

"So did I see you last night down by the lake?" he asked as he came in the room, dick swinging like a snake.

"Um, not me," I stammered, blushing furiously at the thought that he knew exactly what I had been doing.

"Oh, I thought that was you in the canoe just before dark," he said, relieving my fears. "I was out for a jog, and someone looked like they had caught a bunch of fish."

"Well, its a good lake for fishing," I stammered, feeling totally lost. I sat down on the bench to take off my shoes and get ready for the shower.

He walked over to the shower stall and turned on the water, which came out full blast. "Wow," he exclaimed. "That's cold!" He jumped back out of the stall and turned to me to ask, "Do you think it will warm up?"

I glanced up and there was his dick staring me right in the face! He was standing there talking to me as if we were at a sporting event, but his cock was just right there swinging.

"Well, what do you think?" he asked.

"Wow, I um, well I think that it will probably..." I trailed off, suddenly in a fog as I watched his cock just a few feet from my face.

"I'm gonna try yours, if you don't mind?" he asked. Not waiting for an answer he spun around and turned on my shower as well. Feeling foolish I resumed my task of taking off my shoes.

I glanced up and he was smiling as he felt the spray of water with his hands, then he walked back over to me. As he got closer I saw beads of water had sprayed lightly on his body, so now his damn cock was glistening! This was becoming very awkward, since it seemed that he was toying with me, but he was totally playing it straight.

"Yes, yours is much nicer!" he said.

What the hell? Was I supposed to invite him to share my shower? Was I supposed to let him go first? This was crazy!

"Well, that's good," I said.

He suddenly sat down on the bench next to me and said, "I hate a cold shower, don't you?"

"Yes," was all I could stammer as I was noticing his dick laying along his leg. Damn, that was a monster!

"So if you don't mind..." he said.

I immediately thought he was asking me to shower together! I did not know what to think, but I knew that I was going to say yes. But before I could say it he continued, "...then I will just wait until you finish with your shower before I take mine."

"Oh, okay," I said, feeling foolish, and disappointed.

"Go ahead, water's warm," he said leaning back against the wall totally nude.

I stood up, suddenly aware that I was about to strip right in front of him. He just looked up at me expectantly, as if this were a daily occurrence. Who knows? Maybe it was a daily occurrence. Maybe he was from a place where guys shower together all the time. But for me, it was very unusual, and I was more than a little bit flustered by the roller coaster of thoughts and emotions I had been on ever since he had come into the bathhouse.

In fact, I was feeling just about pissed at the whole situation! If he could just stroll around naked, then so could I! Taking my shorts by the waistband, I pulled them off and dropped them on the bench, now standing in front of him in my underwear.

"Boxer briefs," he said looking directly at my package. "Good choice for camping."

"Um, yeah, they keep things from, you know...," I stammered as I began to pull them off, my thumbs slipping under the elastic on the sides ready for the big reveal. My roller coaster ride was back, as I was again caught off guard by his frank consideration of my underwear.

"Keeps things from shifting around?" He asked as I began to pull down my briefs.

"Yea," I said, the absurdity of the situation really getting to me.

"I'm more of a bikini man myself," he said. "Keeps everything really locked in place." As he said this he grabbed his dick and slapped it against his leg to emphasize his point.

"Great for hiking," I said, trying not to notice that he was holding his dick just a few feet away as I was pulling down my underwear. Hiking? What the hell was I saying? I was like a flustered teenager on prom.

But I was committed now, so I just kept moving the elastic down, revealing my shaved penis which was feeling pretty full by this point, the blood pumping quite nicely from the encounter. Not a hard on, just a good semi, to the point where it literally sprang free once the underwear was lowered past it.

It felt good to finally be free from the underwear, and my dick sort of bounced as I stood up, totally exposed to this stranger in the camp bathhouse. I could not help but glance at his dick laying there in his hand. It may have been my overactive imagination, but I swear it twitched.

Finally feeling like I was in control of the situation, I grabbed my shampoo, soap, and shaving gear. He just sat there, totally cool as my dick was just a few feet away. I did notice his cock seemed to be getting slightly fuller. Not a hard on, but definitely growing.

I deliberately left my towel lying on the bench and proceeded into the shower stall. This was one of those state park showers, so there was no curtain, just the stall with a low shelf for my stuff, and a towel hook, notably empty. Feeling sort of daring, I turned on the water by pressing the lone button on the wall. The warm water sprayed out forcefully, catching me right in the chest. I began to soap up, starting with my chest, letting the suds work down to my crotch.

I knew he was watching me. He had not said a thing since I got in here, so I figured he was probably a little flustered too by now. "Serves him right," I thought. He had me going there for a while, strutting around with that big dick, swinging and basically showing off.

Just then the water stopped. It was one of those push button timer devices, so you had to keep pressing the button to keep the water going.

"Oh, man," he laughed. "I hate those timer button showers!"

"Yeah, they suck," I replied, pretending not to notice how very odd it was for him to be just watching me take a shower. I glanced over at him, and sure enough, he was just sitting there on the bench. He was totally relaxed and leaning back against the wall. His legs were spread open, and now his dick was laying down across his thigh, with one hand just resting on his leg, not exactly touching his cock, but close enough to look as if it were.

Restarting the water, I was once again in a quandary as to what was really happening. I decided to be a little more blatant, so I leaned back to wet my hair. Of course, this pushed my cock towards my unnamed nude fellow, giving him a great view. I closed my eyes as the warm water wet my hair. Then I took the soap and continued to lather up my body. Still facing towards him, I lathered up my chest and arms, reaching back to get my backside as well. With my head tilted back to keep the water out of my eyes, I knew my dick was growing harder, but I didn't mind. This was really kind of fun!

Slowly, I moved my hands down the suds to my penis. Sure enough, as my slippery fingers touched it, it was growing hard! I knew he could tell I was aroused, but I did not care. I lathered up my balls, and moved my hand up my shaft, lightly soaping my cock.

As I did this, I peeked over to the bench, and now his dick was no longer a question. He had a raging pole sticking up! My dick twitched at the sight, and I gave an involuntary stroke on my shaft as it got hard. As if to respond, his cock twitched at the sight of me stroking.

I poured shampoo in my hands, and leaned back, thrusting my soapy cock towards him as I washed my hair. I closed my eyes and let the warm water rinse off my shampoo. Just then the water shut off again.

In a flash, I had an idea, but I didn't know how he would react. What the hell, I may as well play this out!

"Oh, damn!" I said still leaning back with my hands in my hair, full of suds. "This is getting in my eyes"

I felt foolish for the transparent lure, but sure enough I heard quick steps of bare feet as he came into the stall with me.

"You would think that they would make the time longer, right?" He asked as he pushed the button to restart the stream.

Playing the part, I muttered, "thanks," as I rinsed my hair, my rigid dick brushing against his side. "Oops, sorry!" I said.

"No problem," he said. "Tight quarters in here."

"Yeah, thanks for helping me out," I said, still with my eyes supposedly closed as I rinsed off my hair. Actually, I was peeking out, watching him as he stared at my rock hard cock. I wanted him to touch it!

But he didn't. So I finally finished my rinsing. "Since you are here, may as well go ahead and take a shower before the hot water run out," I said with a glance at him.

"If you insist," he said with a grin at me. His look told me that he was willing to play this game too, both of us holding out as long as possible teasing each other right up to the edge!

I moved over and he stepped in the spray of water. I watched as he began to wet his tight body, the water cascading down his abs and over his prick, which was straight up.

"Can I borrow your shampoo?" He asked. I realized my position at once, and leaned over to the shelf to retrieve the bottle. This put my face only inches away from his penis, and I took full advantage of the moment. His dick was shaved, but he had a tuft of blonde pubic hair at the base, and his veins glowed purple all along the shaft. His head was beet red and it looked like a drop of precum was on the tip of his cock.

"Here you go," I said rising up to give him the bottle. "I need to shave," I added, reaching back down for the razor and cream. I foamed the shaving cream in my hand as he stood with his cock near my face. As I move my hand back I "accidently" let it brush his dick with the back of my hand. I looked up for his reaction, but he gave no indication, just kept shampooing his hair.

I hesitated for a second, then I stepped back a half pace and began to apply the shaving cream to my face. Out of the water stream I began to shave my stubble, rinsing off the razor in the spray which came over his shoulders.

He opened his eyes and watched me shaving. He boldly looked down at my body, the white shaving cream running in rivulets down my wet skin. He was staring at my penis when I reached out and said "will you give me more shaving cream?"

He took the can and foamed another handful out into my palm.

Acting as if this was the most natural thing in the world, I took the shaving cream and applied it to my penis, covering my balls with it and surrounding my pubic area. I glanced down, and lifted my balls with one hand and shaved them with the razor. I moved up and got the stubble at the base of my cock as well, completely removing all the stubble.

"That's nice," he whispered, staring at my dick. "I'd like to do that too."

"Be my guest," I replied, looking at his dick.

He lathered cream in his hands, and rubbed it all on his balls and shaft. He also lathered up the remaining pubic hair he had above his shaft. I placed the razor in his hands, our fingers touching for a moment. Then he mirrored my actions, completely shaving his pubic hair and letting the water carry it away.

He then stood in the spray of water, letting it run off his slick penis. His hand was rubbing his balls, and he murmured, "It feels so good!"

"Looks good too," I agreed. Taking my courage, I asked "Did you get a close shave?"

Taking his cue, he pointed his member towards my hand and replied "you tell me."

This was what I had been waiting for from the moment I first saw his penis in the mirror! I tentatively reached out and touched his slick cock. It was rock hard and it throbbed to my touch. He moaned softly, and I moved my hand lower to cup his balls. They were loose in his scrotum, and damn they felt smooth!

"What do you think," he asked. "Is it as close as yours?"

"You tell me," I replied, moving my cock closer to his waiting hand.

He cupped my balls, sending an electric shock through my body. I slipped my hand up to rub his shaft and he worked his fingers around my tight balls.

He softly moaned as I circled my finger around his cock, slowly sliding up his shaft. He slid his fingers down my balls, lightly touching my base as he cupped my scrotum in his palm.

"You are so smooth, and hard," he whispered rolling my balls in his hand.

"Your balls are nice and loose," I whispered to him.

"I can make yours loosen up too if you want," he said staring down at my penis. He gently guided me over directly in the stream of warm water. He massaged my ball sack in the warm water, rolling my testicles in his expert fingers.

The sensation was incredible! I let him rub my balls as I grasped his cock in my hand. I moved up to the tip of his penis and slowly let my hand rub his cock head in a gentle circle.

My balls were indeed loose now, and he guided my free hand down to feel my scrotum. "Better?" he asked.

I could only moan as my hands were full of two slippery shaved cocks! He mirrored my actions on the tip of my penis, as he cupped his own balls. Together we began to stroke each others dicks as we each rubbed our balls.

It was a wonderful feeling. I could not tell who was leading, as we both mirrored each stroke up and down the shafts. He reached lower with his hands and I knew he was fingering his ass as I stroked his penis harder.

My dick began to spasm as he stroked faster, his own penis pulsing in my palm. I slid my fingers under my balls and applied pressure just above my anus, creating an intense wave of pleasure in my body.

We moved closer to each other, our cocks slippery and just touching as we slid our hands up and down each others shafts. Our fingers intertwined and we both grasped around the twin shafts as we rubbed our dicks together. We were both stroking in unison and the cum was building together.

He shifted his hand from his balls to mine, so I did the same cupping his balls in my palm. I was staring at the sight if the twin cocks glistening in the warm spray with four hands stroking and fondling them together. Suddenly I felt his balls tighten and I knew he was about to cum!

The knowledge sent me right over the top,and my dick began to spasm just as he spewed semen all over our hands, further slickening my rod with his warm cum. I shot a load that went up in the air and splashed all over his chest as we continued to shoot ropes of cum together. He shot a load over my arms as we began to slow down, now slick, wet and cum covered.

Last Chance by: Steve1980©

It was the night before my best friend's wedding. I was in town for the wedding, and his wife-to-be was staying with her parents. Since he was alone at their house, Jay told me I should stay with him, instead of paying for a hotel.

We got back to his place after the rehearsal party, and cracked open a few beers. After a few hours, we were both getting pretty tired. Jay offered to let me sleep with him in his bed, since they didn't have a guest bed.

"No, dude. I'll just crash on your couch. I'll be fine."

He wouldn't take no for an answer. "Jill's side of the bed is empty. You're not going to sleep on an uncomfortable couch when you could be in a bed."

I finally agreed. After some talking and joking around, I finally fell asleep. I assumed he had too.

I don't know what time I woke up, but the bed was shaking slightly. I cracked my eyes open just enough to see what was going on. Jay had kicked off his covers, and was beating off while lying inches away! I pretended to sleep, while watching him. Much to my surprise, I was soon just as hard as he was.

I mean, I knew I wasn't gay, but this had me harder than I'd been in a long time!

"I know you're watching me, Perv."

Shit! I was busted. I closed my eyes tighter, hoping to fake him out. Then I felt his hand on the front of my boxers. "That's some nice wood for someone who isn't awake and excited."

I gasped and opened my eyes. He stopped beating off, and smiled at me. "Did you want me to take my hand away?"

I shook my head.

"Did you want me to cover up."

I shook my head again.

He rolled to face me. "If you won't speak and tell me what you want, then I'll have to just assume you want the same that I do."

I nodded. I just honestly had no idea what to say. What do you say when your best friend has you horny, and you want his full attention?

He was ready to give it. "You need to take off your shirt and boxers."

I did what I was told, and laid flat again. He rolled toward me more. His hand was lightly squeezing my balls, as he leaned forward and started teasing my nipple with his tongue. Holy shit, that was hot!

He kept teasing my nipples while his hand left my balls. He was running his hand along my inner thighs: Up one, then down the other, just lightly brushing my balls on the way past. I moaned as his wrist knocked against my cock.

Jay stopped what he was doing, and put his finger on my lips. "No no. We've decided that you're the silent party. You don't get to express any opinion here. Now shall I continue?"

I held back a whimper and nodded. And suddenly, Jay was all over my cock. His mouth and both hands were doing everything they could to make me happy. I was happy. I could feel my whole body on fire as he sucked my cock and squeezed my balls. He was very good at this.

I wanted to moan, I wanted to cry out, I wanted to hold him as he blew me. But I was afraid: Afraid he might stop. I held onto the edge of the bed with one hand, and had the other under my ass cheek.

Then the feeling came. I knew I couldn't stop it even if I wanted to. It was a huge load, a huge release. He tried to take it all, but it ended up on his cheek and chin too. When I was done, I just laid there. Jay licked up the bits of jizz that had fallen back onto me.

Then I felt him slowly crawling up my body. As his face got even with mine, he growled, "And now you need to make me happy. I've fulfilled my part of the deal. Are you ready?"

I nodded.

"Good. Get on your hands and knees."

What? He wasn't going to ass-fuck me, was he. I mean, it's one thing to get blown by a guy, but an entirely different thing to get ass-fucked. Despite my worry, I did as I was told.

"Spread your legs wider. Wider. Good."

I felt his cock come in between my thighs. It touched my cock.

"Now close your legs tightly around my cock."

As before, I followed orders.

"Listen bitch. I'm going to fuck your thighs. This should feel good, but if it doesn't, then I'll be forced to fuck your tiny asshole. Do you understand?"

I nodded, and braced myself against the headboard.

And the pounding began. He fucked my thighs hard. I felt his cock hit mine repeatedly, as I got hard again. I felt his body up against my ass. He was climbing me like a dog. It was great.

He was pounding faster, and grunting harder, until he finally howled with his release. I felt his hot liquid hit my cock, my stomach, even my chest, and then he collapsed.

He climbed off me, and looked at the mess as I laid back down on my back. He eyed my hard cock.

"I'm done with you, but you don't seem to be done with me. Here's what I will allow: You can beat off while looking me in the eye, but not until you've lapped up all of that mess I left on you."

I'd never tasted another man's cum before. The newness of it was driving me crazy. Once it was all gone, I started pumping my meat, while staring Jay in the eye.

"You may speak now."

And I whimpered, then moaned, and eventually I screamed.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Another Unforgettable Afternoon by: fantaseeboy©

Stepping up onto the bus that would take me home for my shift at the telemarketing company where I work. It was rush hour and bus was full of people on their way home from work, standing room only. I found a seat toward the back. But just when I sat down, I noticed an older lady looking around for a seat. I waved to her and let her take mine.

When I rose up, I am moved even further back into the crowd of people on the bus. I finally found a small place to stand and tried not to fall or lean into anyone. As the bus was leaving the first stop after picking me up, it jerked forward and I almost fell back. As I did, I felt a pair of hands on my hips and a deep throaty whisper in my ear. 'I've got you'

I regained my balance quickly, but the hands didn't release their hold my hips, his fingertips gently massaged me. I wanted to look back and say something, but his hands were making me quite nervous. I make a silly motion to push them away, but he ignored it. One of his hands moved back and begins to rub against my butt. I knew he was doing it on purpose then. And not only was I still nervous, I was also getting turned on. I felt my small penis getting very stiff.

His hand moved from my butt, back to my hip and slowly, both hands began moving closer together, I couldn't help but lean back when his fingers got really close to touching my petite erection. I glanced down and saw his hands holding me so gently, so lovingly. And those large mysterious hands had gray hair of them. So I knew he was an older man.

When my butt made contact with his groin, I could plainly feel how very hard he was in his pants. Without even thinking about it, I ground back against him a few times. That throaty whisper returned to my ear, 'such a good boy'. It had been several months since my boyfriend had to move for his job. And I was desperate for affection.

One of his hands moved to completely cover my penis. When he began to gently massage it, I couldn't stop my hips from grinding into his touch. His hands had me pulled back against him. My back was arched so deeply, I was struggling to keep quiet as this grown man seduced me in the middle of a crowded bus.

While still discreetly humping against me, the hand cradling my erection began pulling me back against him even harder as the other hand slipped from my hip and teasingly slid under my shirt. When his fingertips made contact with my bare skin, right there on the bus, I had to bite my tongue so hard to keep from moaning loudly.

His hand lightly grazed over my stomach and up to my chest. There, the first finger and thumb began tweaking my nipple. After a short time, his hand moved to the other nipple. His other hand ground up and down across my penis. His hips still humped into my bottom.

I was desperately horny by then. My breathing was heavy and ragged. Somehow this man had gently rubbed me to the verge of orgasm among all the people on the bus and not a soul had even noticed. It was a constant battle to keep from moaning out loud.

The hand on my penis slid up until his met the bare skin of my belly, there he tickled it a little and without warning, he popped the button open on my jeans. That hand then slipped under my jeans and underpants. His strong hand covered over my stiff, bald penis, his palm ground against my bald pubic mound. He whispered once again, 'Mmm, I do like my boys smooth. But I like my boys naked too. Do you want me to undress you Kitten? I could strip you bare right here.'

I almost moaned but caught myself. I know I must have been leaking my excitement against his palm. His hand was just holding my penis, gently squeezing it. If he gave me the slightest bit of friction, I know I'd squirt where I stood.

I finally got brave enough to look back up over my shoulder. He was grinning down at me, standing half a head taller than I do. He had gray hair, crystal clear blue eyes and a 5 o'clock shadow. He must have been older than my parents. I'd guess him to be at least 50.

While I still looked up into his eyes, he whispered down at me, 'Mine is the next stop, and kitten, you're coming with me.' He then pulls his hand from my pants and shirt, buttons up my jeans and straightened out my shirt.

A shiver ran through my body as I squeaked, 'Okay.' I moved my eyes back to the front of the bus and tried to calm down. Just as I was beginning to get ahold of myself he whispered once again, "Oh, the things I'm going to do to you when we get home. Or, maybe we won't wait until we get home, you naughty boy. Perhaps I'll strip you on the street and fuck you on the sidewalk. Would you like to be fucked in front of strangers Kitten?"

That's where I lost it. I couldn't stop myself if I had bit my tongue off! The moan that slipped through my lips was loud enough to make everyone standing nearby look at me. I blushed a million shades of red and lowered my eyes to my shoes. I'd never been so embarrassed.

When the bus came to a stop, his hand slid down my back to grab a hold of one of my butt cheeks. He squeezed it and I began making my way toward the door. He never released his hold, his fingers rhythmically squeezing my flesh.

The moment we had both stepped off of the bus, he spun me around and kissed me right there. His warm, wet tongue dove into my mouth and danced with my own. One of his hand was behind my neck, the other was sliding back up my shirt to pinch my nipples back to their full stiffness. When the kiss finally broke, I gasped for air.

Laying his hand back on my ass, he squeezed it tightly and we began walking down the street. I saw and felt people looking at us. We were attracting a lot of attention, this man with his hand on the ass of a boy less than half his age. Just when people around us seemed to stop looking, he spun me around again, crushing his lips against mine, kissing me with a passion I'd never known before. I can't be sure, but I think one of my legs kicked up like girls in the movies. The kiss broke and he held his face close to mine, kissing me more gently as I quivered under his touch. This man had taken my horniness to a whole new level.

Grabbing my ass once again, he led me down the street until he turned me to face a door. He opened the door with a key and we entered a small alcove with mailboxes, two apartment doors and a set of stairs leading up.

He turned me to face him. With his hands on my shoulders and staring into my eyes, he said, "Kitten, this will be your last chance to turn back. Once we start up those stairs there will be no turning back. Be warned, if you choose to stay, I'm going to do things to you. Some things you have probably done before. But other things you will find embarrassing, maybe even a little humiliating. But you can be sure, by the time you leave this building again, you will be sexually satisfied like never before. Now Kitten, I need an answer from you."
What finally happened next?

The Toybox by: charleebeck©

Fragile; that was how Mick Daniels finally chose to describe the boy that he escorted past the rows of dark cells. The teen shuffled, tripping occasionally on his leg irons. Daniels gripped the boy's arm so tight that he could feel the heat of a forming bruise, the over-caffeinated officer stricken with paranoia that the prisoner would slip his handcuffs; it wouldn't be another two days until the pair from the Juvenile Detention Center would arrive. They'd had to special order them and a uniform after the 18-year-old was convicted of killing a family of four while drunk driving on prom night. He'd needed to stand on a phone book at the murder trial. Cute little Noah Blanche wouldn't be up for parole until he was in his 50's.

"You know where you're going?" Daniels taunted, digging deeper into the boy's arm. He could practically touch his thumb to the second knuckle, there was so little of the kid to grip.

Noah shook his head, eyes unfocused and bloodshot. He'd been crying when the guard had unlocked his cell and plucked him from his bed. He stumbled beside the man on shaky, fawnish little legs. His pants sagged and fell, pooling around knees, which bent in awkward desperation to keep them from falling any further as he was dragged.

Mick smiled, his mouth full of tiny, sharp teeth.

"For such a pretty little thing, you ain't too sharp." Noah sure was pretty; petite, girlish, with smooth pale skin. He's been wearing eyeliner and a band t-shirt in the mug shot. His hair was slightly longer than it'd been in the picture, dyed black to cover where there'd one been purple stripes, bangs over one eye. Underneath he was baby-faced except for his sunken-in eyes, surrounded by eyelashes so long that Mick wondered for a second if the kid had mascara on. The grey was a fitting color for the fear and despair in them, but Mick would have liked him for him to be blue-eyed. Still, the kid was hypnotizing. He dragged him in silence to the laundry room, where a diverse group of inmates was seated around a table.


Poker Chips.

Noah understood now. Mick smiled, amused by the change in the boy's expression, the way his body language switched from docile to tense. His eyes opened to perfect circles, counting the chips in the white and pink checkerboard linoleum of the laundry room floor.

"I'll raise you the top bunk in this little punk's room, all in." Mick's voice echoed off the appliances. The lights flickered, bathing everything in a dirty yellow, swinging slightly with the hum of the industrial washer. Noah felt a cold rush over him, entranced by the buzzing machines. He tried to find rhythm in it, to distract himself from the conversation. In his mind, everybody's words were out of synch like in an old, badly-dubbed Godzilla movie. Lewd questions fired at him from directions that he refused to try and follow.

"Ever suck a cock?"

He focused on the shuffle of poker chips as they were pushed into the middle of the table.

"Bet you do, don't you faggot?"

Noah felt Mick finally release his arm. The blood shot back into it painfully, he hadn't even realized it's gone numb. He looked down at his feet, each one covering a single tile, separated by a single tile. He counted seventeen tiles from himself to the door. Thirty from himself to the table. Fifty to the closest washer. He counted the tiles from his feet to every landmark in the room, trying to ignore the jeers. Trying not to keep track of the game.

He practically snapped his neck when he heard one of the men cheer. He had a shaved head, and looked like he was maybe in his 30's. He had the numbers 88 on his knuckles, and was covered what Noah thought was an excessive amount of swastikas. Not that he would say it; this guy looked like he'd spent the last 20 years lifting weights. He was tall enough that he had to crouch to sit on the folding chair. Standing up, the enormous skinhead walked over and approached the boy.

"I asked you a question before, sweetie," he spoke with sarcastic patience. "You ever suck a cock?" Bending down to his level, he took little Noah's smooth face in his hand. There was no hint of stubble on the kid's cheeks, still too young to grow a beard. Hus features seemed to crack and open and leak at the question.

A sharp, whining sound came from inside him as he uttered a short "Oh God, no." The skinhead laughed first, the others quick to join him. Noah's lips trembled, red and pouty and vulnerable. His crying had already gotten them nice and wet.

The skinhead put his hand on the kid's narrow shoulder. There was no resistance as he pushed Noah down to his knees. His face was blank, eyes cancelled and staring off past his assailant to read the serial numbers on a dryer. They were too blurry from the tears to make it out, but trying distracted him from the fact that the guy's hard cock was out of his pants. He felt a large, powerful hand grip his hair so hard that he cried out.

"Fucking look at it!" The pain was immediate, and he wondered how much pressure it would take to detach a scalp. He could imagine it ripping clean off, and terrified of the possibility, stared down the barrel of the skinhead's throbbing member. It was as thick as his wrist, and so swollen that it was purple. He guessed it was as long as a floor tile and a half, eight or nine inches. A plump blue vein climbed the underside in a softly curving half-spiral, leading to a defined head. Little beads of pre-cum cascaded down it like beads of sweat. He'd never seen another man's hard dick before. The sight intimidated the boy, who opened his mouth to gasp in pain when his hair was pulled even tighter.

He gagged, surprised, as the thick organ was shoved all the way into his throat. He tried to resist, but the skinhead was too strong. His face was pulled flush against the man's abs, eyes closed and pressed against wither side of his belly button. He could feel himself trying to scream, suffocating as the head pushed deep down his slender virgin esophagus. The impossibly thick cock bruised the tender, punk, wet tissue, spasms of pleasure echoing through it as Noah choked. His lips were stretched obscenely around the base, buried in the thick black pubic hair. The scent of sweat and testosterone lingered in his nostrils.

His tiny wrists struggled against the cuffs, jerking in a tap-out motion. He was panicking, all he could think was no air, no fucking air, oh God. No fucking air. He tried to shout it, but with the man buried in his mouth he could only grunt soft vibrations against the swollen flesh. He could feel it pulsing along with his head as his vision dimmed. Slowly Noah began to relax. His throat opened, allowing the man to force himself even deeper somehow. His hands stopped their struggling, fingers twitching pathetically as he gripped at the last edges of his life.

Just then, the Nazi withdrew. The boy stared off into the nothingness, jaw slack. He made a pathetic wheezing noise as he sputtered back to life. His entire field of vision was blocked by the man's tattooed skin. The dark black arms of a swastika warped and bent jaggedly along the defined contours of his hard stomach. Suddenly, he felt his head jerked forward against the subtly twitching body with enough power to crack his nose against the flexing muscle. Noah snorted, sending wet, cherry-red splatters to pool and drip from the man's belly button. His gagging only made his throat tighter around the man, who thrust violently into the slick orifice, enjoying the slight resistance.

Noah started to turn blue again, hands flapping desperately against his back as if the cuffs were the only thing holding him back as the tattooed giant imposed his will on the helpless boy. His eyes drifted up to meet those of his assailant, pleading and violated. Broken. Submissive and helpless and oh fuck it was just too much; the skinhead let out a short grunt as his hot cum poured into the boy's throat. The release was so intense that he didn't even notice the boy had lost consciousness, jizz streaked with little ribbons of blood form his nose pouring from his half-parted lips.

The man withdrew, but forced the kid's mouth shut with one hand. Noah tried desperately to breathe through his bloody nose, to spit out the mouthful of thick salty cum trapped in his mouth. His sprayed a fine mist over the skinhead's tattooed knuckles.

"Swallow it!" the man commanded, giving his head a shake. Weakly, defeated, he obeyed. He felt it slide all the way down his throat and settle in his churning stomach; he was gonna be sick. To his relief, the skinhead put himself away, chuckling, "No way that was his first time, too good." He elbowed the officer next to him. "Wouldn't be fair if you didn't get a round," he smiled to Mick, who nodded and stood up.

"Please, no..." Noah begged. He felt tears threatening in his eyes again, but he knew they would do him no good; they were all going to take what they wanted from him unless he took a stand now. He felt the officer grab him effortlessly by the collar and lift him back to his knees. The boy clamped his mouth shut defiantly. Mick laughed at the pathetic sight; the emaciated kid, one shoulder fallen out of the collar of his oversized orange jumpsuit. Blood trailing down his tear-streaked, puffy face. Lips folded in on themselves to disappear into a pencil thin line, a shot, exhausted look in his too-wide eyes.

The officer's chuckle muted into a soft, controlled smile. He pushed two fingers into the kid's mouth, separating his barred teeth with only the slightest, most hesitant hint of resistance. He felt the hot puffs of breath quicken as the scissored his fingers to part his trembling jaw. With the other hand, he unzipped the fly of his uniform. He was slightly smaller than the skinhead, his cock an angry red color. It twitched visibly with the anticipation of that silky, narrow adolescent throat that his fingers were only centimeters from. He pushed them back further to make the boy gag, excited by the powerful spasm that rippled through Noah's violated mouth.

He wasn't even thinking when he did it. He bit Mick's fingers as hard as he could, feeling his teeth break the skin. He tasted blood, but couldn't figure out if it was his or Mick's. The officer pried his fingers free. With a chilling amount of restraint, he smeared the bleeding digit over Noah's visible eye. The boy whimpered softly, mumbling a timid chant of "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," as he shrunk back from the officer.

"You're pretty," Mick hissed, bringing his hand up to inspect his injuries. "That's why I'm gonna let you live to regret that."

Jeff and Jason by: SlaveToCock©

They were two construction workers. The blond one was Jason, and even from a distance he was a beautiful sight. Jeff, the dark haired one, watched closely as Jason bent over to saw some wood. His beautiful bubble ass was clearly defined in those dirty jeans. Even wearing loose, baggy construction clothes, Jeff could see Jason had an awesome body, and whenever Jason carried anything heavy over his head, Jeff could see the bulge of his muscled arms flexing beneath the weight. Jason had short, sexy blond hair and a killer smile, and also pretty green eyes that sparkle. Man, Jeff wanted him so bad. He was hard each time Jason walked by, and had to banish thoughts of plowing Jason's virgin ass so he could concentrate on work, and look forward to the evening when he could go home and jerk his tense cock while thinking of Jason's tight hole and flipping through the latest issue of FUCK HIM HARD magazine.

Jeff didn't know it, but Jason had the hots for him too. He found that lately, his girlfriend's tits and pussy didn't excite him any more, but he became hot every time Jeff was near. He looked at Jeff's handsome face, his long brown hair and big brown eyes, and couldn't help thinking what his cock looked like, how big was it.....and how sucking it would feel. Jeff was the bricklayer, and sometimes worked with no shirt. It almost made Jason cum in his jeans to see the sweat glistening off Jeff's smooth, thickly muscled body. Unlike Jason, Jeff had a sprinkling of hair on his chest, and when he sweated, his chest became sexily damp with wet chest hair.

There was a great deal of sexual tension between these two men. Their cocks never stayed soft when they were near each other, and their co-workers often joked about their constant erections. They couldn't stare at each other in case someone got suspicious, so concentrating on work became a problem.

One day, the foreman decided to treat everyone to lunch, and the site was empty except for Jeff, who said he needed to finish the bricklaying quick, and Jason, who wasn't hungry. Looking for work, Jason went to the balcony, where Jeff was, having a quick beer. Jeff, startled, turned and looked behind, and in that one instant when their eyes locked, both received a clear message: they had to fuck.

Emboldened by lust, Jeff whispered, "In my truck?" Jason quickly answered "No. Right here."

As desire overwhelmed them, they kissed hungrily and long, pulling away to quickly strip off their dirty clothes. They could smell each other's sweat, heightening their arousal. Years of hard work endowed them both with superbly muscled bodies and strong arms. Jason feasted his eyes as Jeff pulled down his Y fronts. Jeff's rock hard cock sprang out, glistening with precum. It was roped with throbbing veins, and jutted out from a thick pelt of curly black cockfur. His tightening balls were also covered in this fur. Jason's beautiful cock was just as hard, and it was delightfully curved upwards with a pink tip. It was surrounded by blond pubes.

Nude, they kissed again, more tenderly. Jeff whispered, "Jason, baby, I've waited so long for this. Suck my cock now." Jason was trembling with desire as he knelt down in front of Jeff's hard cock. In one wet mouthful he engulfed the cock with his mouth, and began sucking hard. Jeff moaned in delight feeling Jason's wet mouth and tongue on his stiff hard cock, and had to resist the impulse to fuck it.

"Suck my balls dry," Jeff said.

Although Jason had never sucked cock before, the hard length and taste of Jeff's cock turned him on so bad, and as he sucked it harder, he instinctively knew to lick his balls and cockhead, too. Jeff pulled Jason's sexy blond hair and fucked his mouth, so that his balls slapped against his chin, while urging him to suck harder and harder. They both thought of the many times they jerked at night, wanting this. "How do I taste?" Jeff asked.

"Fucking delicious"

They switched places. Jason's cock was delightfully curved and therefore a pleasure to suck. Jeff was an expert cocksucker. He sucked Jason's cock quickly and hard, making very erotic wet sounds. He couldn't resist playfully flicking his tongue over the pink curved tip of Jason's eight inch cock – which made Jason feel so good he buckled his hips. He was exhaling in pleasure; he never had a blowjob half as good. Jeff motioned for Jason to sit down and spread his legs. Jeff slowly began to scratch his soft, furry balls with his nails, all the while sucking Jason's hard cock.

The afternoon heat sent waves of exciting lust coursing their hot blood. "I'm gonna fuck you now, baby" said Jeff to Jason. Using a chair as leverage, he bent over it and spread himself wide open, as Jeff slid on a condom over his incredibly hard cock.

"FUCK YEAH!" they said, almost together, as Jeff fucked him hard, all the way to his balls. Jason had little time to adjust to the strange, painful and delicious feeling of first-time assfucking, because Jeff was already fucking him hard and fast. He shut his eyes hard, mentally accommodating Jeff's rough length, but failed to suppress the whimper as Jeff's steely cocktip struck some sensitive pleasure spot deep inside him. Pain and delight exploded deep inside his ass with each forcible fuck, and this strange sensation translated itself to an inarticulate cry issuing from Jason's lips.

"Shut the FUCK up and take it like a man!" said Jeff, foul-mouthed by the excitement of sex. As Jeff's powerful thighs propelled his cock in and out of his love hole, Jason made the pleasant discovery that Jeff's dirty talk heightened his lust and excitement, and that he wanted more of it. Spreading wide and slamming himself against Jeff, he whispered, "Yeah, talk like that some more, baby..."

Jeff grinned. "Yeah, c'mon, FUCK yourself into my COCK...."

"Oh yeah, your cock feels so good in my ass. Stretch it, baby" said Jason

"FUCK yeah, can you feel how hard I'm fucking you? You love it, don't you..."

"Yeah, I love how you FUCK me"

"You like my cock, huh? You like how my ten inch fuckstick plows your ass?"

"Christ you FUCK me so good, harder.....fuckin HARDER!"


"YEAH!! Fuckin BANG it in!!"

"Squeeze your hole while I fuck you. YEAH THAT MAKES MY COCK FEEL SO FUCKIN GOOD!!!!"

The afternoon heat beat down on the two fuckers, making them sweat. Jeff plucked his cock out from Jason's asshole and got a couple of cold beers. He opened it and poured the cool beer all over himself and Jason. Jason laughed and licked the beer off Jeff's body and cock, lapping it as it dripped down his balls. Then Jeff began to playfully fuck Jason's ass with the beer bottle.

"Ready to fuck some more?" asked Jeff while playing with Jason's hole.

They fucked against the wall. Jeff gripped Jason's big shoulders for support as he rode him from behind. Jeff was fucking him really hard and fast – about three fucks a second – and Jason kept moaning for more.

"Yeah, HARDER. Fuck yeah. BANG me harder!!

"Yeah you really love to FUCK huh? Open up for my COCK!"

When Jason's hole finally grew numb from Jeff's cock friction, Jeff withdrew his prick and made Jason kneel down. He ripped off the condom and held Jason's head in place firmly with one hand and with the other, he squeezed his throbbing cock as jets of cum squirted on to his face, across his pretty eyes and down his fuzzy chin.

After they kissed, Jeff grinned as he rolled a new rubber down his cock. "Time for Round Two," he said.

An Adventure by: jjcole43©

I saw the hard cock at the edge of the opening between booth's. I ignored it and continued to watch the porn movie. When I next looked the cock was all the way into my side of the booth.

I studied it and decided it was a fine looking cock, a bit smaller than mine and circumcised. It was throbbing with the guys every heart beat. I looked at it until it was slowly withdrawn.

I went back to watching my movie until I saw fingers on my side of the hole. I looked and I saw eyes behind the fingers. I had my own cock out and was slowly masturbating but having him watch me made things unexpectedly better so I increased my effort. A finger signaled for me to get closer. After a short debate with myself I put my cock by the hole. He pulled it to his side and slid it into his mouth.

I had a mouth over my cock before but he was the first to want it there.

He made love to my cock. I was quickly losing control and tried to pull back but he held me there until I spilled three days worth of cum into his mouth. I could feel him swallow.

I was drained and had to sit. I did manage to whisper, "Thanks," and contemplated leaving. His cock slid to my side again. Before I had made a conscious decision my hand was caressing it and soon masturbating it.

It was the fourth cock not my own in my hand. On a camping trip with friends I had participated in a circle jerk, well several circle jerks. One of those friends and I had masturbated each other several times after that trip. I had liked doing that but after we each married those games had ceased. I had now been married for five years and was starting to feel trapped, bored.

Again without making a decision I found myself kneeling with the cock two inches from my mouth. I could smell his cock and ended up licking its head. I heard the guy groan. I licked his cock again. I liked the taste.

I slid his cock into my mouth and I suddenly felt my power over him. The center of his life was now in my mouth. I felt his cock begin to spasm and knew he was about to cum. I made no decision and simply waited for him to fill my mouth with cum.

I was not surprised by the taste, I had tasted my own cum, but was surprised by the texture. It was not the most pleasant thing in my mouth but I held his cock until he slipped back. I swallowed.

I heard him whisper thanks. I smiled.

We ended up leaving our booths simultaneously and I followed him out to the parking lot. Before we got in our cars I asked, "Is there a way to get that weird feel out of my mouth?"

He smiled and said, "Yes, rum and coke. I am on my way to get one now."

"I'll follow you," I said.

It was a small neighborhood type joint and we sat at the bar. We each ordered rum and coke and began on the peanuts in the bowl in front of us.

We introduced each other, his name was Ed, and we learned the other was married. The rum and coke did take the film from my mouth and I thanked him for the tip.

"Was that your first time?"

"Yes, but I think I could do that again under similar circumstances. And you?"

"I go there about once a month when my wife goes to visit with her mother. Tonight was a perfect night for me although you are the first I have talked to afterwards. Oh, I forgot. Once I had a guy do me as another fucked him in the ass and that was exiting."

"I am getting hard just visualizing it."

He glanced at my crotch and smiled.

"What time does your wife expect you home," he asked.

"She is also visiting her mother. Will not be back until late Sunday."

"I live half a mile away."

"Check please," I said and followed him home. We got naked and went into the shower together. We played with each other's cocks until they were as erect as they ever get then went to his living room and he started a porn DVD.

He was soon on the floor with my cock in his mouth. He was not in a hurry which was good since I had just had an orgasm and was going too last for a while. Soon enough I again filled his mouth and he swallowed. When he sat up he kissed me sharing my cum with me.

I slid to the floor and sucked him off slowly until he filled my mouth with cum. I sat up and shared his cum with him in a long lasting kiss.

He got us cokes and we watched the porn movie for a while. I had not noticed it was a bisexual couples swap movie until then.

As the scene shifted to a man fucking the other in the ass I asked him if he had ever been part of that. He said no but that his wife fucked him in the ass at times.

"With what," I asked.

"A vibrator. Usually when my cock needs and incentive to recover."

"Do you like it?"

"Yes, and it does revive my cock. Would you like to try it?"

I thought about that then said, "Yes, this is apparently a night for experimentation."

"Let's go to bed," he said.

He paused the movie then turned the TV off. We went into his bedroom and he placed a pillow under my hips as I lay down ass up, then he lubricated me as he fingerfucked my ass.

He took out the vibrator from the night stand and put a condom over it. I noticed the vibrator was about the size of his cock. He slid the vibrator into me slowly. I felt some heat but no pain. I was well lubricated. I liked it.

I soon felt my cock begin to recover then felt his cock begin to recover. After ten minutes of fucking me with the vibrator I asked him if he had another condom. He understood and was soon replacing the vibrator in my ass with his cock. I felt the pressure of the flare of his cock before he slipped in. It felt fantastic when it did.

He made love to me and even kissed my neck and shoulders. It was his third quest for a cum that evening and he lasted a while and I enjoyed being fucked a hundred times more than expected.

I felt him groan then felt warmth in in me. He had cum. He continued to fuck me slowly until his cock fell out of me with a pop. As soon as he recovered his breath he exchanged places with me.

I lubricated his ass and finger fucked him then slid a condom over the vibrator and fucked him with it until I covered my cock with a condom and slowly penetrated his ass. My cock was longer than his but no wider than his or his vibrator. Entrance was easy.

I made love to him for quite a while before I ejaculated. Like he had done I continued fucking him until my cock popped out of his ass.

I put the condoms in a small trash can by the bed as he took the pillow out from under him. We cuddled together under the sheet and he turned the lamp off. We were both asleep in seconds.

He was sucking my cock when I awoke.

"Good morning, we need to shower," he said.

I followed him to the bathroom and we watched each other piss then went into the shower with his toothbrush. He offered it to me first so I brushed my teeth then he did.

We both had erections and I sank to my knees and began to suck him hard. He stopped me and pulled me up to him and gave me a long loving kiss. He then turned around and leaned on the shower wall.

"Fuck me," he whispered.

My wet cock slowly slipped into his ass until I was all the way in then I reached around him and gripped his cock. I began to fuck him at the same pace I masturbated him. Neither of us lasted long and he soon had my warm cum in him. He ejaculated immediately. I continued my embrace and my caresses to his cock until my dick popped out.

He sank to his knees and soaped my cock thoroughly and after rinsing it he kissed it, stood and kissed me.

We stepped out and we went to his kitchen and made coffee.

A thought crossed my mind and I asked, "Did you know who I was before last night?"

He nodded yes then said, "You are the second person I ever fell in love with on first sight. My wife was the first. Our wives know each other and may at times fuck each other. They are in the same town now.

My wife was the one to suggest that I follow you last night and see where you went. I was very pleased you went to the adult theater and was absolutely ecstatic when you sucked me. I was very pleased when you talked to me before we left the theater.

I was beyond happy when you decided to follow me home. I am yours for anything you want for as long as you want."

He kissed me then poured coffee for us. As we sat he asked me how much about our night to tell his wife.

"You want to tell her?"

"Yes, she knew I sucked cock when we met, She had caught me sucking her brother's cock once. Her smile for me then made me fall for her immediately.

She thought I just wanted to save face when I asked her out but she eventually agreed. We had a great time together and when we finally fucked she liked me even better. It took me a year to convince her to marry me but she did marry me.

I did suck her brother off at her request. She ate pussy at my request. The pussy she ate first first for me was the girl you married. I was at your wedding but last night I was sure you did not recognize me."

"I had this feeling that I had seen you before but I had no idea where or when. Tell her everything in minute detail, I feel she would be happy for you."

He called her right then and put his phone on speaker then described our night in detail. He asked her if she had seen my wife there and she surprised us by saying that Elsa was eating her Mom's pussy as we spoke.

"How much can I tell her?" she asked.

I said, "Just tell her that I met your husband at an adult theater then we went out for a drink together. Let her connect the dots. How often do you two have sex?"

"Often, at least once twice a month. She is worried you will disapprove."

"No chance of that even before last night."

"Good to hear, talk to you later. Two naked women have come to get me and Mom is still in bed with somebody. Love you Ed bye."

Ed and I smiled as we drank our coffee. We kissed then he said he knew the place for breakfast. It was a diner that specialized in sausage gravy covered anything. I had it over a sausage biscuit and Ed had it over home fries.

We had been there for a while before I noticed the place was a friendly diner to lesbians and gays. There were every combination of couples filling up the place. Oddly I felt just fine being there with Ed.

He saw that and gave me a quick kiss.

"You are the only man I have been here with but my wife and I come here semi-often. Semi-often there is a woman here for her to kiss. You are the first man for me to kiss here. Thanks."

I gave him a quick kiss.

We went to my house and I picked up my toothbrush and some clean clothes then returned to his house. We got naked and watched the end of the bisexual couple movie.

"Would you swap?" he asked.

"You mean fucking each others wife?"

"Yes, and us fucking while all four of us were on the same bed."

"Yeah, at least once. I have no idea how I would feel until we have. Have you and your wife swapped?"

"No, the closest we have come is when I sucked her brother as she ate his wife's pussy. They would not return the favor."

"Her brother would make a full swap impossible anyway."

"Probably but she did tell me they had masturbated each other once. I have no way of knowing if its true but I suspect my wife and her big sister have gone down on each other. I also suspect her sister goes down on their mother."

"Well, there is no chance for a pregnancy so its not incest anyway."

"Yeah, that's how I feel about it."

Another ass fuck scene came on and got our attention. Our cocks were soon hard. He got on the floor on his hands and knees. I went to the bedroom for the lubricant and as soon as his ass and my cock were covered I slid my cock into him for the second time that day.

I again took his cock in my hand and slowly masturbated him as I fucked him. Every once in a while I stopped and kissed him.

The scene in the movie ended with an outrageous cum shot over the back and Ed commented, "They are bareback, why didn't he cum inside. It would feel really good for his partner. Some times I wonder if the directors have ever fucked anyone."

We felt the buzz had been taken out of our fuck so I sat down behind him and pulled him to my lap. I caressed his cock and chest and he turned to kiss me often. My cock stayed in his ass.

The movie ended with the men fucking each others wives. When Ed stood I turned him to face me and sucked his cock. He was soon careening to orgasm and I took all his cum in my mouth. He sat back down facing me and again my cock slid into his ass.

I scooted up and put him on the couch behind us on his ass and began to fuck him. I put his legs on my shoulders and began to just pound into him. I did not last long and he moaned when he felt my cum in him.

We kissed until my cock popped out then I went to the shower and cleaned my cock. He was doctoring up some ramen noodles in bowls, adding sliced hot dogs, garlic powder and fresh chives. He put the two bowls in the microwave then after a minute and eleven seconds we sat to eat. It was delicious.

"Want to go to a gay club tonight?" Ed asked.

"Do you got to them often?"

"No, never have been to one. I have been to a lesbian club with my wife and we had fun, she more than me. I have always wondered about gay clubs but have never considered going by myself."

"OK, we can go. It will be interesting."

He kissed me and after we finished our lunch we ended up back in bed and took a nap. I was awakened about an hour later by a phone call.

"Are you still with Ed?" my wife asked.

"Yes, we just had Ramen soup."

"Have you sucked his dick?"


"More than once?"


"Oh, his wife told me you know I eat pussy and it doesn't bother you. Is that true?"

"Yes, and if you need you may bring the pussy you want home. I will stay out of your way."

"I love you. See you tomorrow."

"I love you. Bye.
 It was the first time either of us had told the other we loved them in months. I cuddled to Ed and went back to sleep.

We again went to the shower and again I fucked him as I masturbated him. We dressed then went to the big deli and ate a lot. We drove to a club on the block behind the lesbian club and we sat at the bar making comments about the clientele.

A t-girl came to us and after kissing each of us asked if we were interested in something different.

I said, "Yes but we want to see how this place checks out. It's our first time here."

"Oh, then let me tell you what you need to know. The bartender is juicy but straight, you well get nowhere with him. The flaming queen server will play with anyone that wants him but he insists on condoms even to give a blowjob. I don't by the way.

The restrooms are over there but not much happens inside although no one complains if you just watch them piss. Some don't mind if you hold their dick for them as they piss.

The real action is on the back porch. It is dimly lit and has some dark corners. It gets very crowded as the night progresses and some times you have to wait a while to have room on the rail to put your elbows on. There is usually someone behind you immediately after you are in position. Let me know when you want to go out."

"Would now be too soon?"

"Now would be prefect."

We followed her out and saw a few men out there. Some were sitting on a bench as a cock slid in and out of their mouth. Our new friend put her elbows on the rail and after I placed a condom on my cock I lifted her dress and found a well lubricated ass. I slid in and reached for her small cock. I caressed it as I fucked her slowly. I kissed her neck. She moaned.

I looked for Ed and found him sitting nearby with a cock in his mouth. I turned my attention back to the fuck and felt the t-girls cock begin to twitch and suddenly explode. I slowed to a halt then withdrew.

I turned her around, embraced and kissed her lovingly. She loved the kiss. I loved the kiss.

She led me to the bench Ed was on and sat. She took the condom off my cock then sucked me off. Ed was on his third or fourth cock by then.

I kissed her after she swallowed my cum which she really liked.

"Buy me a drink," she said.

I patted Ed and we went inside. Ed joined us five minutes later and kissed us. His mouth was coated with cum.

I got each of us a rum and coke and asked Ed, "How many?"

"Five, one more after you left. I loved the attention. You two looked like you loved your fuck."

"We did, she said. It was my best in a while, I had an orgasm."

She kissed me again.

We stood by the bar and watched the crowd for a while until a guy took our t-girl's hand and led her to the back. She winked at me.

I needed to take a piss and Ed followed me. We watched a couple of guys piss as we waited for a place at the urinal then saw some guys looking at our cock as we pissed. Ed had an erection before he zipped up. A guy saw that and took his hand and led him to the back porch.

It was a while before he rejoined me and said, "Nine. The guy that took me out sucked me off and I sat on his spot and sucked him off. Before I managed to stand up two more cocks were presented to me to suck. There is a lot of cum in my stomach. I'm glad we pigged out at the deli."

I gave him a soft kiss and asked him if he had seen our lady out there.

"Yes, there was a long line to fuck her. She will probably run out of condoms soon and come back in."

"Do you want her?"

"Yes, but I have no condoms."

"I have four. Let me know when. Any one you want to fuck you?"

"Yes, you. And maybe that guy in the black sports coat and the gray slacks."

"Smile at him as I hand you a condom then keep looking at him as you walk out."

He did and the guy followed him. Several minutes later a guy came to me and asked if I was alone.

"No, my partner went to the patio to play and I'm just waiting for him."

"Why are you not out there too?"

"Oh, I have been, very nice out there."

"Yes it is, I really love it when I find a place to sit and somebody keeps me company."

"I can do that," I said and walked out with him. There was no place for him to sit so I leaned on a wall and he knelt in front of me. He lowered my slacks to my knees and began a soft loving blow job. I guy slid next to me and pulled out his cock then put my hand on it. I began to masturbate him as he caressed my ass.

He was soon behind me and I felt his cock search for my ass. I handed him a lubricated condom and I spread my ass cheeks for him. He slid in and fucked me so quickly he had an orgasm before I had begun to enjoy his cock in me.

I gave a condom to the guy sucking my cock and leaned against the rail. I was next to Ed. We were fucked side by side as we kissed.

When the guy fucking him left another guy slid his cock into him. When my lover had his cum another took his pace. It was the allegedly straight bartender, His cock really filled my ass.

He fucked me hard then embraced me as he took my cock in his hand. I felt his cock throbbing in me. I felt his warmth. Many kisses and soft strokes later his cock popped out and he turned me to him and kissed my lips. He knelt and sucked my cock until I filled his mouth then lifted my slacks up and buttoned the top then slid my cock into them. He carefully zipped me up. His kiss last kiss ended and he just walked away.

I turned to Ed and asked, "How many is that?"

"Nine. My ass has caught up with my mouth."

"Lets go home. I want to be number ten."


He got his pants on and we walked out. As I walked past the bar I went to the bartender and kissed his lips and said, "Thanks."

"Anytime," he said.

The only number I could give Ed that night was number two, I was the second to suck him off that evening.

The next day began with a shower and the laundry of his linens. We went out for chicken fried chicken then returned to his house. I helped him make up his bed and after a long kiss I went home. We had not made a single sexual move on each other all day. We were sated.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Imaginary Friend by: dossh

(This is my first work online so I am really excited to share it. This story may confuse you from reality and fantasy, but stick with it!)

My name is Ralph Sycamore, I am 22, and I still have an imaginary friend. Well, he isn't really a "friend" so to speak. He is more like an imaginary boyfriend. I know its sad, but I've always been shy, so I haven't really had a real "boyfriend". Yeah, that means I'm still a virgin, I know, its sad.

Well, off of that topic, I am about 5' 7", with light brown hair, parted down the middle. I have a body that could be called "twink-ish", however I've always hated being called a twink.

I am not necessarily "out", I mean not to everybody. I am out to everybody except for my father. You see, my mother and father got divorced when I was really young and he moved all the way to New York (we live in California), and I would visit him on winter and spring break and also for a month during the summer. Although, that was when I was still in school.

This story starts on my last year of college, still a boyfriendless virgin, and have only a couple friends. There's Zach, my best friend and roommate, and Tyler my other best friend, and also Tyler's boyfriend Charlie, who I really don't see much, however we're friends because of our friends. You get it.

Now my imaginary friend I've named Richard. He's a big muscly man, clearly shaven, and speaks in a very husky voice. Nobody really knows about him, and I've kept him a secret because I feel like people would send me to the insane asylum. Maybe I am insane, I don't know, but I decided right before I came out to my mother that I would never let who I was decide what I will be, and I have always lived by this motto.

When I was a hormonal teenager, I invented him out of pure hormonal necessity. I would masturbate to him, and then when I turned 18, I imagined him standing with me as I came out to my mom. She was very understanding, and said she already knew. Said, "Baby, I've been with you for almost every single day of your young life, you think that I wouldn't know if you were gay? Now come over here and lets go watch some TV."

After that, I basically came out to everyone (except for my father). I, of course, got bullied and harassed, but I stuck by my motto, got into college under an English scholarship (I've always wanted to be a writer), and escaped the prejudice by meeting new friends and avoided the bigots, all the way until this final 4 months of college.

And that's where my story really starts, in my English seminar room, and listening intensely to Mr. Biggs' lesson on how to overcome writer's block; a student came in without his assignment saying he "had writer's block". I've heard this very same speech from Mr. Biggs before, but it is definitely funny a fifth time.

"You know, I always see you smiling at this speech, every single time. Haven't you heard it enough?" Said a student next to me. I looked over to come face to face with a man. That's the best way to describe him, a man. He looks to be about 6' 2", with short blond hair and a rough look about him. He was one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. "I'm Nick, and you are...?"

"R, Ralph," I stuttered, my cheeks reddening.

"You're cute when you stutter, you know." He said huskily.

My god, did he just call me cute? Did I imagine it? Oh god, he is so handsome!

"Th, thanks," I said stupidly. "You're just plain handsome." Why did I say that, he's going to think I am the biggest dork ever! He just smiled.

"Mr. Sycamore and Mr. Daniels, would you like to share your points on writer's block with the rest of the group?" Mr. Biggs interrupted, making me blush even further.

"I was actually just debating with Ralphie about the existence of writer's block. He said that it is when you cannot think of what to say, and I said that I believe it was just plain excuses, like you said." Nick stated, without hesitating. Oh, god, cute and handsome!

Something tugged in the inside of my head, urging me away from Nick, but I merely ignored it. I deserved a boyfriend at this stage of my life, right?

Once class had finished, Nick greeted me at the door. "So, I was wondering if you wanted to grab a bite to eat later?" He asked, seemingly as calm as ever.

"S, sure. I would love to!" I said, trying to stay cool, but failing miserably. The cutest guy in the world was actually asking me to dinner! Oh my god!

"I'll pick you up at 7," he winked. We parted to our next classes after exchanging cellphone numbers and dorm room numbers.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, oh, my god!

After my last, I went to my room to get ready. "Okay, who is he, and when is he picking you up?" Zach questioned through smiling teeth.

I bit my lip. "His name is Nick, and he is probably the hottest guy I have ever seen," I admitted, bringing a smile to both of our faces.

"And?" Zach asked, wanting more.

"I met him during Mr. Biggs' seminar, and he was hitting on me. Then, after class, he asked me to dinner."

"O.M.F.G, you will give me juicier details tomorrow, you know." He smiled.

I blushed furiously, Zach knew I was a virgin, and he definitely doesn't let me forget it. "I know."

I went to my room and sat down on my bed, reviewing the past few hours. Then, suddenly, Richard popped into existence.

"You aren't cheating on me, are you?" He asked.

"No of course not, your not real, so that's not possible." I reprimanded.

"So, this isn't real?" He said, leaning forward to give me a fiery kiss. Our tongues intertwined. I felt my cock instantly thicken as he gripped it. He rubbed the tip and then broke our kiss to twirl my cock in his mouth. I groaned and instantly came inside my pants. That's when I took my hand out of my pants, pulled said pants off to change into new ones.

At 7:15 exactly, there was a knock at the door, and I ran to it before Zach could even comprehend it. There, before me was Nick, in all of his tall majesty.

"Hey, I, sorry I'm late, my watch was wrong." He said, but I really didn't care.

"Yeah, of course, its ok." I breathed, letting my eyes wander around his buff build. He caught me looking, and I blushed.

"So cute," He husked, making me blush more.

"Ok, so I hope you like burgers, because I am buying us some burgers, if that's ok with you." He said.

"Yeah, ok, burgers are good. Real good." I just couldn't concentrate with him here.

He winked at a peeping Zach, who was hiding behind a couch, giggling. Then we left for the burger place.

We sat down and ate our burgers. I was too excited to eat, though, so I ended up eating half of my cheeseburger. On the other hand, Nick quickly ate his double cheeseburger with bacon, and even asked if he could finish my burger. I said yes.

He drove us back to my dorm, and once we were at the door he leaned in and kissed me.

At first I was surprised, but then I quickly came back to the world to return the kiss. It was so much better than an imaginary one. Our tongues play with each other, and I loved the musky taste of him. As he pulled away, however, I groaned in frustration.

"Ralphie, I don't just want you to be a quick fuck, I would like to have a real relationship. Would that be okay with you?" He asked, his eyes searching mine for an answer.

"Definitely, however I would just like you to know I'm kind of still a virgin." I admitted, shyly.

"Really? I would have thought someone as cute as you would have been taken already? Huh!" He said, smiling at my blushing face.

"Yeah, I guess I'm pretty shy, so that's why..." I said, my face now beat red.

"Well, then we'll take this at your pace. Ok?"

"Y, yeah," I said, watching him slowly close the door. "See you tomorrow at Mr. Biggs'."

"See yah!" He smiled as the door finally shut. That night I had many dreams, all of which contributing to making my pants a sticky mess


Begun August 31, 2006

            My father was a businessman. He traveled a lot, selling his companys products to markets all over the world. My mother was not tolerant of his being away so much, and after a few years, got a lover and moved out. Being a young adult, I was to be responsible for keeping the house clean and maintaining the yards. I had graduated from High School in June and had plans to go to college in the fall. Until then, I had no job and no income to speak of, so my dad made the arrangement to pay me for my work around the house. As long as I kept my end of the bargain, I could go out with my friends on weekends, on a small allowance.

            Father had told me I had to stay in the house on Friday, to let the maintenance man in to fix some plumbing problem in the bathroom between our bedrooms.  He was to be here by four oclock and should be done by five or five thirty. I had three hours to kill until then. I had finished cleaning the whole house, and mowed the lawns. I was tired, and showered the dirt off. As I scrubbed, my dick got hard, so I played with it for a while. I decided to dig out the dildos from my hiding place in my bedroom. I dried off and headed there. I lubed up the toy and sat on it, using a towel to protect the bedspread. I jacked off, thinking about my friend, Scotty. He was a hunky football player in school. He and I eyed each other in the school shower, after everyone else had left. He even winked at me and waved his cock in my direction. I just blushed and held my hands over my own erection. I turned and rinsed off in cold water and got out of there quickly.

            After I had come, I lay down to relax and gain my composure. I must have drifted off to sleep, with the dildo still embedded deep in my ass. I was lying on my side, with my butt towards the door, when I heard a noise. It was the door, being forced open. It had always stuck, when shut, and was a bear to open. I would have left it open, but I always feared that someone would come in when I was undressed. Usually my parents would knock before entering any closed room. It was the polite thing to do. They were Southern raised in Louisiana. The rasp of the jammed door screamed at me. Who could be there? It was only two thirty, so it must be a burglar. When the door burst open, there was a large dark Italian looking man with a handlebar moustache covering his lips. He had surly eyes that bore into me. Realizing that I still had the dildo in my ass, I pulled it out quickly and threw it at him, not having anything else handy.

            The man caught the dildo easily and to my surprise, bent his head back and let the dildo slide down his throat, like a sword swallower. He left the dildo there, and spread out his hands to the side, palms up. He bowed, showing the base of the dildo. He had indeed swallowed it whole. He then raised his head and deftly removed the dildo, again spreading his arms, saying, Ta-Dah! Then he asked me, Do you approve?I was really stunned and confused. Not only from being sleepy, but this strange man had done something I would have never dreamed of.

            Who are you? I asked. And what are you doing in my house? The man threw me the dildo and remarked, I am Marko, formerly MARKO THE MAGNIFICENT! I was sent to fix plumbing by Mr. Dickerson. He continued. I ring doorbell, but no one answer. Mr. Dickerson gave me key, in case lazy son forget. he told me. I am not lazy! I retorted. I was just taking a nap, while waiting for the plumber, er, you. I said, in my defense. It looks like more than sleepy time for you. Marko said, nodding towards the still warm dildo. I blushed a crimson red at that revelation.

            Marko do all sorts of jobs in lifetime. Was star of Gypsy circus in Romania, stud-man in Spain, and now plumber in good ol US of A. He stated this in a matter of fact way. I can fix more than bathroom pipes, if you know what mean? he said with a slight sneer and a wink. Marko stroked his moustache as if he were in a melodrama.

            I was still a little groggy, but it sank in. He was propositioning me for sex. He did swallow my dildo with ease, just after it was in my ass. He didnt even bat an eye. He was a pro for sure. I wondered what he looked like under his coveralls. His hair was black and looked wet, but was combed neatly, except for a little curl on his forehead. It is reminiscent of a certain comic book hero. His skin was dark, almost like a tan. His eyes were black as his hair, with thick bushy eyebrows that almost met in the middle. His jaw was strong, and fit his moustache well.

            He kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned the coveralls at the same time. They were on the floor in seconds. He wore a tank undershirt, which he ripped to shreds as he stepped towards me. I was getting frightened. He had a big smile on his lips as he removed his boxer shorts. His bush was thick as his eyebrows, but his sausage stuck out proudly from the base. His balls hung low and swung with his steps, bouncing from thigh to thigh. His arms were hairy and muscular. He must have been an acrobat or strongman in the circus. His chest and abs were lean and tight. A matt of hair bunched in the middle of his chest, but the rest spread evenly over the rest of his body.

            In about five seconds he was breathing heavily on my face. His breath was surprisingly sweet. His lips were wet and pursed as he came down on mine. His moustache tickled, but the kiss was heavenly. He WAS a pro. If I had the money, I would hire him on permanently for stud service. He gently caressed my back, down to my buns. It sent shivers up my spine, and I melted. As my knees gave way, he caught me and lifted me onto the bed. I was shaking, not from fear, but from unexpected love. This stranger from just a few minutes ago had melted my heart and head. I had to get more of him. I reached up and grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down to me. We kissed and kissed for several minutes. I gazed into the black recesses of his eyes and saw myself getting fucked by his acrobatic pole. The next thing I knew, he was in me, with my legs wrapped around his neck, where my hands were before.

            I was obviously loosened up by my dildo, but his entry into my butt was so smooth, that I didnt even feel it go in. Now that it was there, I felt very full. He eased back and shoved into my open ass, creating heat from the friction. It felt terrific! Marko! Marko! Marko! I cried out. I have never had such a good feeling from getting my ass plowed. He asked, Does it hurt? I said, No! Its great! Keep it going! He kept on with deep strong strokes, grazing my prostate over and over. He finally said, Is coming soon! You want in ass or mouth? I replied, I have to taste your spunk! My mouth is waiting. Feed me, Marko!

      I hadnt noticed that he had put on a condom before entering my ass. He quickly peeled off the protective layer, and let his cock travel up the few feet from my ass to my lips. He could sure move like an acrobat. His thick appendage was soon stuffing my jaws until they ached from the bulk. Is now! Marko said, as he let go. The sheer volume had me swallowing as fast as I could, but some of his precious cargo escaped and dripped from my lips. When he was huffing and puffing, he withdrew his deflating dick. He bent down and licked the cum off of my face and neck. He then stuck his tongue back into my mouth for some fluid swapping.

            Marko raised his head and gave me that mischievous grin, and said, Now to take care of plumbing. He slid down my body and took my cock into his mouth and began a new experience for me. His mouth was like satin. Slick and smooth and bringing me to an orgasm in seconds. I had not noticed how horny he had made me, as I was busy getting at his cock earlier. I was primed with my lust for him. His ease at performing the most miraculous techniques on my body had me in love with him. Marko had a touch that was firm, but light as a feather on my skin. Everywhere he caressed my body, it was thrill after thrill. After I thought I could take no more, he gave me something new that made it possible. He really was MARKO THE MAGNIFICENT to me. And he did a great job on the plumbing in the house, too. He gave me his card, so I could get with him whenever I needed a sword swallower.