Thursday, June 19, 2014

My First Sex In A Men's Public Restroom : Part 1

This is a true story about Me and for this posting had just become an 18 yr. old teenager and having my first real sex in a Men's Public Restroom. Yes a men's restroom. It was back in the mid 60's and a naive teen like me had no idea that gay men hung out in public restrooms. I also had no idea that those gay men loved getting a hold of young teens like Me either. There is no doubt why I got so much of their attention because I was lucky if I looked fifteen at most. Again I was naive as naive can get and except for jacking off to playboy magazines that was the extent of my sex life. I knew little about sex and absolutely nothing about gay sex. Gay sex just wasn't talked about back in the 60's at least not where I grew up.
On my 18th. birthday I got my drivers license and the first thing I did was get a speeding ticket. So the very next day I rode my Honda Super 90 Motorcycle downtown to the courthouse to pay the ticket. Right after I left the courthouse I realized Boy did I ever have to use a toilet. I looked around for some store to go into when I seen a sign that said Men's Room. I walked over to it and it was just a door with a set of long dark dingy steps going down under the City sidewalk. A lot of Midwestern towns had public restrooms like that
back then. So I went down the long stairs. I got to the bottom and the whole place was dingy & dark and had a real musty smell. But Good News there was a whole long row of toilets stalls maybe 20 or 30 of them.
I went to door after door but none of them would open. I was passed half way down the row of toilet stalls when one finally opened door number 17. I went inside and I couldn't pull my pants down quick enough & none to soon either. I was sitting there doing my business when I seen the tips of two big shoes under the door of the stall I was in and a man tapping his knuckles on the door. I looked way up and there was a big hole in the door and a Man was looking at me through the hole. I had no idea what to make of it but the guy walked away. Then another guy came up tapped on the door while looking at me through the hole. Then another guy and another guy and another guy.
Hell, I had no idea what they wanted I just thought maybe all the stalls were full and they were trying to hurry me up. Then I thought I seen sometime moving out of the corner of my eye so I took a look There was a big round hole in the side wall of the toilet stall about 3 feet high off the floor. There was a man with a mustache that had his mouth up to the hole from the other side & was sticking out his tongue. My first thought was what a weirdo I did not have a clue what He was doing. I then thought I heard the man say some thing. He said again only louder "Let me see it". Now I didn't have a clue what He meant by that but He said it yet again "Let Me see it". I still had no idea what that man wanted. For what ever reason I asked the man "See What". The man said right away "Your Dick, Let Me See Your Dick "
Woo !!! That surprised the hell out of Me. I really had no idea why this man wanted to see my dick But at the same time being a teen the thought of showing my dick to someone kind of excited me even if it was a man. Besides I had no idea who He was and I knew I would never see him again. But, I still was not exactly sure what He meant. So I asked "Do What" The man said louder "Your Dick Kid, Let Me See Your Dick" Well that certainly confirmed what the Man wanted me to do. Now, Again being just a teen and that man wanting me to show him my dick gave me an instant huge boner big time. Again I was just the typical teen back then 5' 6" tall thin about 130 pounds yet very muscular from working on a farm and looked much younger then 18. I would say I looked more like 15 then 18 if that.
Now I did not know I had a big dick back then. Of coarse when I got older I knew. My dick was just over 8" long & it was pretty thick with one of those big round fat heads and I was circumcised. Yes, A Teenager with a big cock. Like I said I know that's a good sized dick now But I sure did not know that back then. Hell I thought just about everyone had the same sized dick. Anyway just the thought of showing a total stranger my dick got me hard and I thought what the hell Why Not. So I kind of sat back on the toilet and let my dick pop straight up and Boy was it ever standing straight up there in all it's glory. HAH !!! The soon as the man seen my big stiff dick He said "Oh Man That's a Nice Cock " Hell I didn't know what to say so I just said like the niave kid I was "Thank You"
Then the guy said "Stick it through" at least that is what I thought He said. But I was not sure so I asked "What" He said again louder "Stick it through" Being the naive kid I was I asked "Stick it through what" Hey don't laugh I really was that niave. The man chuckled and said "The Hole Kid, The Hole, Stick it through the hole" Another big Woo went off in my head and again not knowing why I asked him "Why" ?? The man said "Stick it though and I will suck it" Woo !! Like Big Woo !! Now there was not a teenage boy alive on the planet that didn't know what suck it meant. Hell the soon as He said that I felt my dick get even harder & it started throbbing to the beat of my heart which was beating pretty darn fast right then.
I said to the man "Ahh, I don't think so" Then I thought maybe I should just get the hell out of there. Why ? Because that is when I noticed there was not only the man to the left looking at my dick there was also a man looking through a hole on the right side wall and a third man looking through the hole way up on the toilet stall door. All three of the full grown men were looking right at my stiff dick. So, I quickly grabbed some toilet paper and took care of that business. While I was doing that the guy to the left said "Hey, Hey, Take it easy Kid, take it easy" Now that did ease my nerves a bit and I did slow down. The guy said again "Take it easy" then said "You ain't going anywhere with that guy in front of your door" I thought right away "Oh Shit" !! Because there was in fact a man standing in front of my door and the door opened out. Now, I was getting down right very nervous.
I was still sitting on the toilet only I had leaned forward pushed my dick down and held it down with my hand. The man to the left said "Hey Kid" I just sat there not saying a word. The man said again louder. "Hey Kid" I said "What" He asked "Have you ever had a blow job" Well there again, every teenage boy knew what a blow job was too. I said "No" He chuckled and said "Oh, Then you don't know what your missing Kid" I said nothing while He said "A blow job is the best thing in the world kid" Now I cannot say I did not want a blow job. Hell, I don't think there is a teenage boy on the planet that doesn't want a blow job But they all figured it would be from a girl. Right ???
Another thing you have to remember Gay Sex was Not talked about back in the 60's. The guy to my right said "Let's see your dick again" Now, My sexual hormones were saying stick your dick out there but my brain was saying you need to get the hell out of there. The man on the right then said "Show Me your cock Kid" Then the guy on the left said "Come on show us your cock" the guy on the left said "Hey, You ain't leaving till you show us your cock again" Well that's when I kind of did a little sexual rationalization so to speak. My brain was saying get out of there my hormones were saying show them your dick. So I rationalized by thinking if I can't get out of the stall without showing them my dick then I better show them my dick. Right ?
Well, It worked for me back then. To be honest I'm pretty sure I just wanted to show my dick to anyone that wanted to look at it. Don't forget I had just turned 18 the day before. The guy to the right of me said really loud "Let Me See it" Again I did nothing. He said as though ordering me "Come on Kid, Show Me Your Cock " So I kind of leaned back again and my now super stiff dick popped right straight up in the air again. Only this time the head of my dick was all swollen up really big and it was a very dark purple color and Boy how my entire dick was pulsating. I could feel it throbbing. It actually throbbed and bounced to my heart beat.
Any other time I would have jacked off and relieved it. The guy said "Hey Kid, Your ready to pop let me suck it for you" Again I did nothing. The guy said loud "What's the big deal, Just stick it through the hole and I will give you a blow job you won't believe" You know He actually almost had me with that line. I had just about started to get up and then thought Oh Shit maybe I better not. So I leaned back on the toilet and my big boner stuck straight back up again. Then the guy to the left said "Don't be stupid Kid stick it through the hole You know you want your cock sucked off"
Well, I certainly could not argue with that because I couldn't think of anything I wanted more right then - then getting a blow job. The guy standing outside the door and looking at me through the hole in the door slammed his fist into the door scaring the living hell out of me. He said In a Very Mean almost pissed off very low grumbling voice that had a broken foreign accent actually giving me in a way an Ultimatum.
He said "Hey Boy, No leave stall less stick cock in hole" He kind of paused a second and yelled "Mean now Boy" Needless to say that Guy scared the hell out of me. He was very convincing. So I stood up quickly and turned towards the hole in the wall my pants down around my ankles and my big teenage dick bouncing up and down. The guy outside the door almost yelling at me now said "Now stick hole Boy" He wasn't the easiest to understand but I knew what He meant. I stepped closer the head of my dick was right there just an inch from the hole but I froze. The mean man slammed his fist on the door again and yelled in a very angry voice "Stick fucking hole Boy" My father was a rough man and He always called me Boy specially when He was mad at me. I'm sure that is why this guy scared me so much.
I jumped forward and stuck my dick all the way through the hole in the wall. I was anxious, scared, excited waiting those long couple of seconds. Then I felt the mans very warm lips wrap around the end of my dick and I let out a very loud Ohh sound!! It felt absolutely great. The man slid his mouth way down on my dick slid back up to the head and back down again taking the full length my dick in his mouth then tighting up his lips on my dick. I cannot even begin to describe to you how unbelievably fantastic it felt that man's mouth sucking my dick. It was totally indescribable. He slid up and down my dick sucking it for a minute at the very most and I had the next most indescribable feeling of my young life.