Monday, May 19, 2014


Begun August 31, 2006

            My father was a businessman. He traveled a lot, selling his companys products to markets all over the world. My mother was not tolerant of his being away so much, and after a few years, got a lover and moved out. Being a young adult, I was to be responsible for keeping the house clean and maintaining the yards. I had graduated from High School in June and had plans to go to college in the fall. Until then, I had no job and no income to speak of, so my dad made the arrangement to pay me for my work around the house. As long as I kept my end of the bargain, I could go out with my friends on weekends, on a small allowance.

            Father had told me I had to stay in the house on Friday, to let the maintenance man in to fix some plumbing problem in the bathroom between our bedrooms.  He was to be here by four oclock and should be done by five or five thirty. I had three hours to kill until then. I had finished cleaning the whole house, and mowed the lawns. I was tired, and showered the dirt off. As I scrubbed, my dick got hard, so I played with it for a while. I decided to dig out the dildos from my hiding place in my bedroom. I dried off and headed there. I lubed up the toy and sat on it, using a towel to protect the bedspread. I jacked off, thinking about my friend, Scotty. He was a hunky football player in school. He and I eyed each other in the school shower, after everyone else had left. He even winked at me and waved his cock in my direction. I just blushed and held my hands over my own erection. I turned and rinsed off in cold water and got out of there quickly.

            After I had come, I lay down to relax and gain my composure. I must have drifted off to sleep, with the dildo still embedded deep in my ass. I was lying on my side, with my butt towards the door, when I heard a noise. It was the door, being forced open. It had always stuck, when shut, and was a bear to open. I would have left it open, but I always feared that someone would come in when I was undressed. Usually my parents would knock before entering any closed room. It was the polite thing to do. They were Southern raised in Louisiana. The rasp of the jammed door screamed at me. Who could be there? It was only two thirty, so it must be a burglar. When the door burst open, there was a large dark Italian looking man with a handlebar moustache covering his lips. He had surly eyes that bore into me. Realizing that I still had the dildo in my ass, I pulled it out quickly and threw it at him, not having anything else handy.

            The man caught the dildo easily and to my surprise, bent his head back and let the dildo slide down his throat, like a sword swallower. He left the dildo there, and spread out his hands to the side, palms up. He bowed, showing the base of the dildo. He had indeed swallowed it whole. He then raised his head and deftly removed the dildo, again spreading his arms, saying, Ta-Dah! Then he asked me, Do you approve?I was really stunned and confused. Not only from being sleepy, but this strange man had done something I would have never dreamed of.

            Who are you? I asked. And what are you doing in my house? The man threw me the dildo and remarked, I am Marko, formerly MARKO THE MAGNIFICENT! I was sent to fix plumbing by Mr. Dickerson. He continued. I ring doorbell, but no one answer. Mr. Dickerson gave me key, in case lazy son forget. he told me. I am not lazy! I retorted. I was just taking a nap, while waiting for the plumber, er, you. I said, in my defense. It looks like more than sleepy time for you. Marko said, nodding towards the still warm dildo. I blushed a crimson red at that revelation.

            Marko do all sorts of jobs in lifetime. Was star of Gypsy circus in Romania, stud-man in Spain, and now plumber in good ol US of A. He stated this in a matter of fact way. I can fix more than bathroom pipes, if you know what mean? he said with a slight sneer and a wink. Marko stroked his moustache as if he were in a melodrama.

            I was still a little groggy, but it sank in. He was propositioning me for sex. He did swallow my dildo with ease, just after it was in my ass. He didnt even bat an eye. He was a pro for sure. I wondered what he looked like under his coveralls. His hair was black and looked wet, but was combed neatly, except for a little curl on his forehead. It is reminiscent of a certain comic book hero. His skin was dark, almost like a tan. His eyes were black as his hair, with thick bushy eyebrows that almost met in the middle. His jaw was strong, and fit his moustache well.

            He kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned the coveralls at the same time. They were on the floor in seconds. He wore a tank undershirt, which he ripped to shreds as he stepped towards me. I was getting frightened. He had a big smile on his lips as he removed his boxer shorts. His bush was thick as his eyebrows, but his sausage stuck out proudly from the base. His balls hung low and swung with his steps, bouncing from thigh to thigh. His arms were hairy and muscular. He must have been an acrobat or strongman in the circus. His chest and abs were lean and tight. A matt of hair bunched in the middle of his chest, but the rest spread evenly over the rest of his body.

            In about five seconds he was breathing heavily on my face. His breath was surprisingly sweet. His lips were wet and pursed as he came down on mine. His moustache tickled, but the kiss was heavenly. He WAS a pro. If I had the money, I would hire him on permanently for stud service. He gently caressed my back, down to my buns. It sent shivers up my spine, and I melted. As my knees gave way, he caught me and lifted me onto the bed. I was shaking, not from fear, but from unexpected love. This stranger from just a few minutes ago had melted my heart and head. I had to get more of him. I reached up and grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down to me. We kissed and kissed for several minutes. I gazed into the black recesses of his eyes and saw myself getting fucked by his acrobatic pole. The next thing I knew, he was in me, with my legs wrapped around his neck, where my hands were before.

            I was obviously loosened up by my dildo, but his entry into my butt was so smooth, that I didnt even feel it go in. Now that it was there, I felt very full. He eased back and shoved into my open ass, creating heat from the friction. It felt terrific! Marko! Marko! Marko! I cried out. I have never had such a good feeling from getting my ass plowed. He asked, Does it hurt? I said, No! Its great! Keep it going! He kept on with deep strong strokes, grazing my prostate over and over. He finally said, Is coming soon! You want in ass or mouth? I replied, I have to taste your spunk! My mouth is waiting. Feed me, Marko!

      I hadnt noticed that he had put on a condom before entering my ass. He quickly peeled off the protective layer, and let his cock travel up the few feet from my ass to my lips. He could sure move like an acrobat. His thick appendage was soon stuffing my jaws until they ached from the bulk. Is now! Marko said, as he let go. The sheer volume had me swallowing as fast as I could, but some of his precious cargo escaped and dripped from my lips. When he was huffing and puffing, he withdrew his deflating dick. He bent down and licked the cum off of my face and neck. He then stuck his tongue back into my mouth for some fluid swapping.

            Marko raised his head and gave me that mischievous grin, and said, Now to take care of plumbing. He slid down my body and took my cock into his mouth and began a new experience for me. His mouth was like satin. Slick and smooth and bringing me to an orgasm in seconds. I had not noticed how horny he had made me, as I was busy getting at his cock earlier. I was primed with my lust for him. His ease at performing the most miraculous techniques on my body had me in love with him. Marko had a touch that was firm, but light as a feather on my skin. Everywhere he caressed my body, it was thrill after thrill. After I thought I could take no more, he gave me something new that made it possible. He really was MARKO THE MAGNIFICENT to me. And he did a great job on the plumbing in the house, too. He gave me his card, so I could get with him whenever I needed a sword swallower.