Friday, February 13, 2015

I Love Gay Sex

******* At Work

I works the late shift at a diner where I wait on tables, I start around six work through the evening and finish at two am.  From nine there's like just three of us on cos the boss goes home cos it gets real quiet after that, from five we has a load of office people and suits come in after work.  I only wait on tables but the two women I work with Claudette and Lizzie share the cooking between them.

I was eighteen and had been working in the diner a month and one night it was roundabout eleven there wasn't much happening, I had no one in my section and Lizzie just the one customer.  After she had taken his order she came back and said that the guy had really been checking me out.  I hadn't seen him come in cos I had been on my break, so I moves around to get a better look and the guy is definitely cute, early twenties with darkish blond hair and a real tight filled tshirt, back at the counter Claudette told me when I went outside to sweep the front he watched me all the time.
Lizzie saw his coffee was getting low and said I should go and do the refill for him.  She pulled the back of my t-shirt up and tucked it up over the tie of my apron then she tugged my shorts down to show a bit of my *** crack.  He had the refill and I wiped a couple of tables so he got a back view, L & C said he was really looking, they had been watching from the kitchen hatch.
We had a few other customers come in and Blondie stayed put, I had put my shirt back to cover my butt in case you was wondering, midnight comes along and he is still there reading his book but still checking me out.  Lizzie sends me to do the coffee again and says she wants to adjust my shorts again, this time she undoes them so they drops to the floor I goes to pick them up and she shoves me out into the diner again.  There I am bare assed in the place I work cos I don't have underwear cos I hate them, and I am hoping no one comes in or walks by cos the diner is on a corner and is all glass on two sides.  I takes the coffee to the guy and he accepts again course this time he can see my *** side on he doesn't waste no time and starts stroking it.  Course I'm rock hard in a second and my apron is tented and hiding nothing I looks at C & L and asks if we can go out back, Lizzie said she would cover my section but not before looking under my apron, they didn't know how big I was until then. Cary and I was still at it when the diner closed, so we went to a near park and finished each other off.