Sunday, May 4, 2014


John was a tall, dark haired and well built male. Had never had any doubt he was straight. He had always made fun of guys that were gay, called them all the usual phrases. John regularly masturbated over straight porn however occasionally did look at the gay kind, though he would never endure this himself. He had been with several women, and had done everything with them but sex. He believed that a relationship had to be strong to enter into a sexual kind, and since his experiences with girls had been brief, he had never gone this far.
At school he was very popular but after leaving he became slightly more reserved. Now at university he was an average everyday guy. He regularly took an interest in the ladies there, and often had short flings with them, although again - never sex.
John took up economics for his university study, he was a intelligent, bright and interesting guy however he did find the course challenging. He had a nice group of friends, mainly male and had been happy in this group for the good half of 2 years.
One morning John woke to realize he had slept through his alarm, and was late for his morning lecture. Upon arrival he went to sit in his usual place, two spaces from the left, 3 rows back, when he realized an unfamiliar face was occupying his seat. The guy was a tall, well built and blonde haired.
"Excuse me, erm, this is usually my place, sorry" he said
"Oh i'm sorry, i thought it was a free place! My apologies, i'll move" the student explained.
Jericho was new at the university, he knew very few people and had entered late into the semester. John smiled acknowledging the misunderstanding and thanked Jericho accordingly.
Jericho was incredible clever. He had tutored several students at his previous college when they were struggling with their courses and earned a bit of extra cash whilst doing it, his hope was that he could do the same here. He pinned a notice on the common room door before leaving which explained about the services he offered and hoped he would hear from some students soon.
On seeing the notice, John was immediately appreciative of the extra help Jericho was offering. He dialed the number on the notice and spoke to the guy, arranging a few dates to meet up and where. Jericho explained he usually did the tutoring at his house just as it was an easy place to get to and most people felt more comfortable there. He explained his approach was very laid back, and usually allowed his clients to bring a few beers or whatever they felt made them more at home. John realized this was certainly a perfect opportunity to up his grades and agreed with Jericho to meet the following Wednesday.
John arrived carrying a few crates and his economics revision guides. As Jericho opened the door, their eyes briefly met and there was recognition to last week’s mistake with the seating in class. Laughing about it, they shook hands and walked inside.
"Your house is pretty nice mate" John said looking around
"Cheers, my mum and dad have spent most of their earnings doing it up nicely, they take pride in making sure it's in pristine condition!" Jericho replied laughing
They took up places at the desk in Jericho's room and John expressed his gratitude on how he really appreciated the extra help. They both took out their study guides and placed them on the table. The computer was already as they sat down, presumably ready for anything they got stuck on and therefore could find on the internet. As they cracked open the beers, John began feeling laid back and comfortable about the next upcoming sessions with Jericho and they got stuck in to their tutoring.
"This questions pretty tricky, any ideas?" John questioned
"Ahh yeah, I've come across one like this before, i can never remember how to explain it properly, just go onto the Internet and look it up a second, i'll be able to explain from there" Jericho replied
John pulled up his chair to the computer and began opening the previous browsing session. To his surprise, the site which appeared wasn't an economics revision site at all, but a gay porn free viewing page. Although he had regularly watched gay porn before, he had never come across this site before, and he felt his trousers begin to stiffen. He was mesmerized for a few seconds with the sight of the men on screen. Realizing what he was doing, and hoping Jericho hadn't seen, he quickly shut down the page and began loading a normal browser.
He went back to his flat that evening surprised at what he had found. He was shocked that another straight bloke also watched gay porn. He presumed Jericho was straight, wasn't he? Hoping his presumption was right, repulsed by the thought of a gay bloke, he thought nothing more and got out his laptop to view the same website he had come across. He got up the porn page, and began viewing the free videos. His bulge began to grow and he placed his hand over his crotch and began rubbing up and down. He didn't know why he found the video's such a turn on, but he had this strange feeling inside whenever he watched them. He undid the zip on his trousers, and pulled out his 6inch semi hard cock. He began stroking up and down, and playing with his ball sack whilst being mesmerized once again by the blokes on screen. He laid back into his pillow, and began stroking faster and faster, his breathing became heavy and was moaning softly to himself.
"ughh yeah" he moaned again and again
Finally, when he came he quickly shut down the porn site, cleaned himself up and got ready for bed.
Next Wednesday came around sooner than he'd expected. He was intrigued by Jericho now, and found him almost fascinating. He didn't know what it was about him.
"Alright mate" Jericho said answering the door in his boxers. "Sorry I’m a bit unprepared today, i got back from footy late so I’m just going to have a quick shower before we start, that okay?"
"Sure" Replied John. "I'll wait in your room"
John sat on the bed looking around for something to occupy him for the next 15 minutes. He noticed the computer was once again already on, and began wondering if the porn site he had found last time was still on a saved page on his favourites. He began scrolling through, and to his delight there it was. He felt his cock beginning to harden again and wondered if he had time to quickly play with himself before Jericho returned. He quickly undid the zipper on his trousers, pulled out his cock, and began watching a video of two blokes having anal sex.
"ohh yeahh" he whispered under his breath "ughh"
"Liking my gay porn then are you" Jericho asked stood at the door
Quickly zipping up his pants, John stood back embarrassed, "I'm so sorry, i was just looking, oh god your going to think I'm such a freak, honestly, i didn't mean anything by it, i'm not gay or anything, honestly i just - "
"it's alright mate, chill out, sit back down i'll grab you a beer, lets forget the revision tonight yeah? Lets watch a movie or something, forget it, honest"
Unknowing to John, Jericho had been gay all his life. Hearing John was against this, he made sure he hadn't let it slip too early. But he was planning on getting him into bed sooner or later. He found him almost irresistible.
Sitting on the bed together they began working their way through the crate of 20 beers, and before they knew it, they were both laughing and joking around.
"So mate, how far have you gone with a bird" Jericho asked
"Well, everything but so far, i believe it's better to wait until your in a proper relationship really" John replied
"ahh i see. Nice morals, i think i agree with you on that one. Pass us another beer will you"
Hearing no reply, he looked over to find John passed out on the bed. Jericho was stunned by John. He was so attractive, he sat staring at him for quite some time until he realised his cock had hardened in his trousers. He sat back, thinking John would be out cold for a while, and began stroking his bulge. He got out his cock and began playing with himself over the thought of John. He sat back and imagined playing with his cock, sucking it and even fucking him.
"ohh yeahh. ugghh fuck" he stroked faster and faster.
Unknown to Jericho, John was now awake, watching his every move. He could feel his cock beginning to harden also just by watching Jericho playing with himself. He didn't know why, but he couldn't stop watching him. He could feel himself getting hornier by the second but didn't know what to do. He didn't know why he wasn't looking away, his eyes were glued to Jericho's face, he was in ecstasy.
"ughhh fuck" Jericho moaned
Slowly John began undoing his zipper. He could hack it any longer, he had to play with himself. Jericho suddenly turned, he had noticed John awake. Not knowing what to say he just stared at him, hoping he hadn't blown it. Jericho noticed John's hands placed on his zipper and bulge in his pants, he knew exactly what he wanted.
"I'm sorry, i'm just so horny, i always am when i'm drunk" Jericho said
"It's erm okay, i was just erm, i dunno, i kind of am too, so was just gonna do the same thing, that okay?" John replied
"Sure, course, why would i mind! I suppose this is a bit of a long shot but how about we like, do it together"
"together?" John answered
"yeahh, like erm, at the same time?" Jericho replied
They began stroking themselves on the bed and pleasuring their cocks. They were both big boys, Jericho 9inch when erect and John 8inch. They both moaned in pleasure. Jericho began watching John, turned on so much by what he was watching. He slowly began moving his hand toward John's cock, it was throbbing, John was pumping it up and down and breathing heavier by the second. He placed his hand around John’s dick, John opened his eyes stunned by what was happening, as much as he was repulsed by having another guys hand on his dick, he was frozen, he couldn't say a word. Jericho began pumping his dick in his hand, faster and faster, he could tell John was unsure, but kept catching a glimpse of him laying back and enjoying it. Jericho slowly moved over and whispered, "Ever tried this before", "No, never" John replied. "Want to try something different?" Jericho asked. "I dunno, i just feel a bit, erm, okay" John answered
Slowly Jericho got John and stood him up, he unzipped his trousers and took them off, and pulled his cotton top over his head. He then took hold of his boxers and pulled them down slowly, until he was completely naked. Jericho stood staring at John and stroking his body up and down. His cock was huge, he didn't know where to start. Taking off his own clothes he sat on the edge of the bed fully naked.
"Sit on me" he said to John
"what?" John replied
"just sit on of my knee, just how you would with clothes on"
John slowly sat on Jericho's knee, he could feel his cock pressing into his crack, he didn't know what he was feeling, he was getting hotter and hotter. Slowly Jericho began kissing John's body, he licked up and down his bare skin and wrapped his arms round the front of his body to reach his cock. He then moved closer to his ear and whispered "You’re fucking amazing; I want to be in you"
"in me? What the fuck, you said try something different, i didn't say sex" John replied
"Trust me, you'll love it, nothing bad's going to happen, nobody has to know"
Nodding slowly, John stood, and let Jericho stand. "Bend over slightly and hold onto my desk" Jericho commanded. "It'll hurt to begin with but i'll start slow" He grabbed a pot of Vaseline out of his desk draw and began slowly stroking it around the edge of John's hole. John began to moan slowly, liking what he was feeling. Slowly, Jericho positioned his cock over Johns hole and gently pushed into him. "arghhh" John screamed in pain. This was not what he was used to. Jericho slowly began pushing in and pulling out, "nice and gently" Jericho whispered, "I don't want to hurt my John".
"ohhh my god, oww arrghhh" John screamed again. He was being pleasure but in pain in some many different ways. Gradually after a few seconds of this gentle penetration, John began to loosen up and softly began to moan. "There we go sweetheart" Jericho whispered, "Is that nice?"
"mmmm, oh yeh" John moaned again.
Gradually, Jericho began to speed up, he held tightly onto John's hips and began thrusting deeper and fast into his hole, he was now really fucking him and loved every second. He threw his head back in pleasure "ohh yeahh John, you’re so fucking horny aren't you my little bitch" John wasn't sure about any of this, he was enjoying the pleasure but this was against everything he believed. He was being fucked by a guy. And the guy was calling him his bitch. But he couldn't deny it, the sensation was incredible. He began to relax and allowed Jericho to push further and further into his pipe.
"ohh Jericho, faster" he whispered
"Faster?" Jericho replied
"yeah, oh fuck please, please fuck me harder, faster"
Jericho began penetrating him as fast and hard as he could, he cock was throbbing and was sliding nicely in and out of John's hole. He knew he was enjoying it which made the experience even nicer. "Oh my god Jericho" John moaned again.
Slowly, Jericho slowed down, he asked John to stand up and get off the desk. Still inside him, he moved the bed where they both took up the spoons position, Jericho began again pumping into him, slowly and first but gradually getting faster and faster.
"Your incredible Jericho" John said as he put his head back in ecstasy, he was loving every second. He was definitely a straight guy turned gay.