Thursday, June 19, 2014

My First Sex In A Men's Public Restroom : Part 2

I woke up the next morning now 18 and 2 days old. Did my daily chores a whole lot quicker then normal. The whole time thinking how great it felt getting my dick sucked the day before. I got cleaned up changed clothes got on my Honda Super 90 motorcycle & away I went.
So when was my next sexual experience. Yep, The very next day. ( Only a whole Hell of lot more happened that second day then I ever expected A Whole Lot More ) But Hey, I had to go back there again. Right??? I clearly remember thinking while riding downtown. What would happen if those men were there again And at the same time thinking what a disappointment it would be if they were Not there. I wasn't scared but I sure was nervous as hell just thinking about going back down in that Public Rest Room again. But I have to admit My dick was stiff as could be riding all the way downtown just thinking about getting another blow job.
I parked my cycle and walked to the Public Rest Room. As I got close to the rest room entrance I thought.
I seen one of the men standing by the door and the soon as He seen me He went down the stairs. But Hell, I was not sure if it was one of them or not. I got to the door and slowly walked down the stairs. My heart was pumping 90 miles an hour and Boy I was so nervous my legs were actually shaking as I went down those stairs. Here's the Big thing that was running through my head. Yesterday I had no idea when I went into that rest room that what happen to me was going to happen. (But Today) Today I Fully Did Know what could happen.
When I got down to the big rest room where the long row of toilet stalls were I seen several men standing around. A few more men then yesterday. I couldn't remember if any of them were the same men from the day before. I paused for a few seconds wondering if I should walk down the aisle or go back up the stairs. Again my hormones won out. I took a deep breath and walked down the aisle way in front of all the toilet stalls.
I have no idea why but I was going to go back to the same stall number 17. As I walked past the stalls they all had closed for cleaning signs on them even 17. A very tall black man that was mopping out the toilet stalls said "Use the ones down at the end" So I walked almost to the far end of the stalls. I seen a door partially open and went in & locked the door. It was a very hot summer day in June so instead of wearing a pair of blue jeans I had on a pair blue jean shorts and a T shirt. I unfastened my shorts pulled them down sat on the toilet taking a piss.
I sat there for a few minutes and several men came by stopping at the door to my stall and looking at me though the hole in the door. I wasn't sure what to do to be honest with you. Then I remembered yesterday seeing a man through the hole sitting back stroking his dick. Only I didn't know if I should do that now or not. I heard the door squeak on the stall next to me. I kind of leaned over and looked through the hole and sure enough a man was in the stall. I thought what the hell so I leaned back up against the tank and let my dick pop up in the air. It was real hard and sticking straight up. Another guy came up to the door to my stall and looked in. I looked up and His one eye was looking down at my stiff dick. The guy that came in the stall next to me said through the hole in the wall "Nice Cock Kid" I got nervous and very excited figuring He would ask me to stick it through the hole just like yesterday. I couldn't wait to get my dick sucked again. Only the guy got up and walked out of the stall.
Now I didn't know what was going on this was different then yesterday. I heard a loud rap of knuckles on the door and a man said "Stand up Boy" I thought Oh Gee-Whiz there He is. Yes it was the big mean man from yesterday and his grumbling broken english low voice. Yep He still scared me so I stood up just like He told me to do. He said "Come up to door" So I walked to the door looking up at his eye in the door hole. The mean man said "Stick dick through hole in door" I thought What up there No Way. I looked around and seen there was a rather big hole at waist height in the door itself. I knew right away if I stuck my dick out the hole in the door that my dick would be right out there in the open aisle way where those men were standing when I came in so I didn't move.
The mean rough voice guy kind of yelled at me. "Stick Cock Through Hole Boy" Again I just stood there. The guy yelled real loud "Stick Cock Through Hole" Well He convinced me with that order so I stepped forward and stuck the full lenght of my dick out through the big hole in the door. I heard the guy obviously saying to all the other men. "Told You Boy Had BIg Cock Huh" I heard a different Man say "It's A Nice One Alright" another guy said "Yah, A Nice Big Young One"
Then I heard guys chuckling. I stood there with my dick stuck through the big hole in a way I was embarrassed yet I was excited as hell knowing they were all looking at my stiff dick. Then I seen a flash bulb go off followed by two more flashes & I knew they had just taken photo's of my dick. The mean guy grabbed my dick with his hand and stroked it hard a couple times then reached down and grabbed my balls and started squeezing them hard. It didn't feel to bad at first but then He squeezed them so hard I got a sharp pain and I pulled back out of the hole.
He yelled right away "Stick Cock Out" of coarse I did. I heard him say in a lower voice "Told you Boy do what ever I say" I'm sure He did not mean for Me to hear that even though it was true. He was like three times bigger then me and yes He still scared the hell out of me.
The mean guy knelt down on one knee and started sucking my dick. I thought Oh Boy that's what I came back here for to get my dick suck and shoot off my cum. He clamped down really tight on my dick as He went up and down the full lenght of it with his warm mouth. Hell it only took about One minute and I was moaning loud ready to shoot my big load of cum when to my total surprise He stopped sucking and stood up. Oh Hell I couldn't believe He stopped I was close to cumming. I could feel my dick bouncing up and down to my heart beat as it throbbed. I knew all those men out in the aisle were watching and I tried to stop it from bouncing but I couldn't.
Then I could actually feel my cum like in slow motion traveling up through my dick real slow and comming out the end of it followed by another slow load comming all the way out and actually hearing it dripping on the marble floor on the other side of the stall door. I heard all the men out their let out a collective "Wow" as they seen cum comming out of the end of my dick real slow & one of them saying "Cool He's Cumming"
another guy said "That's Fucking Great" I heard twisting the door unlocked and opened. He said "Come out Boy" I was surprized and asked in a low voice "Why" He said while waving his arm "Come out Boy" My shorts and underware were down around my ankles so I bent over to pull them up and He said "Step out those Boy" So I stepped out of them and He bent over and picked them up.
There was like 6 men out there in the aisle way a couple from yesterday but the rest were new. I slowly walked out and a couple of them said "Hi" I kind of said "Hi" back. The mean guy wanted me to walk out in front of them naked from the waist down and I did too. He pointed with his hand to the far back end of the toilet stalls and said "There Boy" Well My nervousness quickly turned back into being scared again.
I had no idea why He was moving me down to the end stalls but I soon found out why. There wasn't any toilet stalls back there it was a storage room. There was a wooden chair up on a platform back against the back wall. I did not know what it was back then but it was one of those old shoe polishing stations where a man would go up the steps sit in a chair put his feet in the rests and a man normally a black man would polish his shoes. There was also a small wooden table in the room.
He lead me into the room and all the men followed and He locked the door. I will tell you I had No Idea what was going on and Hey I admit I was pretty darn scared. I hate to keep reminding everyone but as I said before I was just a teenager only 18 yrs.old and not a street wise teenager at all. I had grown up on a small farm and my father did not talk of sex what so ever. A couple of men grabbed my T shirt pulled it up over my head taking it off then hung my shirt and shorts on a hook. A man in a suit tapped his hand on the raised platform of the shoe shine stand and told me to step up on there. So I went up the steps and got up on the shoes shine platform. My feet were like a couple feet off the floor & my head was almost touching the low ceiling. So there I was standing there on that platform totally naked except for my Red Ball Jet Sneakers.
My dick was so hard it was pointing up still throbbing and my balls a bit sore from the partial cum I had just a few minutes ago. With grown men all around me in the little room the man in a suit reached in & grabbed my balls in his hand softly massaging them in his fingers. The head of my dick was a very dark purple. He looked me right in the eye and with a smile said "Dam that's a nice cock kid" Hell I still was not sure if I should answer or not but I said "Thanks". Still massaging my balls He pulled down on them making my dick point straight out. He opened his mouth and started sucking my dick real slow. Now that was different from yesterday because No one seemed to suck my dick real slow yesterday.
He very slowly moved his mouth up and down the shaft of my dick each time going further down. He had only stroked up and down my dick 4 or 5 times when He forced the head of my dick into his throat and went all the way down on my dick again real slow. Oh My how great that felt ! He pulled nearly all the way off my dick and slowly went all the way back down again and stayed down. I let out a very loud "Oh" and started shooting a huge load of cum deep down his throat.
The man made gagging sounds as He quickly pulled his mouth off my dick. I was still cumming and shot a big load on his face & neck and another load all over his suit. I didn't know what to do so I said "I'm, I'm sorry, I'm sorry " The guy just slid his mouth right back on my dick and went all the way down again and slowly sucked and licked it for at least a minute or so. It was like He was trying to make sure He got every drop of my cum.
It was Fabulous and I remember thinking now that is why I came back today. He pulled his mouth off my dick looked right up into my eyes and said "Nice Load Kid" then sucked it a couple more times before pulling his mouth off again and said "Mmm, Your cum is sweet too". Just like the day before I kind of felt pretty proud of my dick but felt bad about cumming all over the guys face and suit. Another younger man stepped up in front of me. My dick was still hard and sticking straight out. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock which was bigger then mine and started stroking it.
He ducked his head under my dick and sucked both my balls into his mouth first one then the other. I can't begin to tell you how great that feels plus the way He was sucking on my balls was way better then the guys that did it yesterday. It couldn't have been two or three minutes later my dick was throbbing and real hard again and that was just from the man sucking on my balls.
He sucked my balls for a good 5 or 6 minutes then pulled his mouth off my balls. He opened his mouth real wide and slowly went all the way down on my dick gagging a couple of times as it went in his throat then closed his lips tight around the base of my dick and slid all he way back up to the head. He then just started sliding his mouth up and down my shaft a bit faster then the first guy but Oh how great it felt. He sucked my dick for maybe 3 or 4 minutes before speeding up his sucking. He would suck it deep but only go all the way down every 8 or 10 sucks I would say. It did not take long before I was getting very close to cumming again and you could tell He knew it too.
He tightened his mouth on my dick and started going up and down even faster. My legs and body started getting real stiff I could not help but moan as I was getting so close. I bent forward from the waist let out a loud moan and blasted a couple big loads of cum in the man's mouth followed by a couple of more smaller loads. Again this guy seem to suck my dick slow as though making sure he got all my cum before sliding his mouth off my dick. As He stepped away He said to all the other guys in the room "That's One Sweet Cock".
Yet another man stepped right up and started sucking my dick right away. He went down and back up once then stopped with just the head of my dick in His mouth and started sucking and twirling his tongue around the head of my dick. The head of my dick was still very sensitive from just cumming and I bent at the waist & pulled back pulling my dick out of his mouth.
The man yelled at me "Don't You Fucking Pull Away From Me Kid" I kind of stood back up almost straight and He kind of ordered me by saying loud "Come on Kid Stick that cock out here" I bent my hips forward sticking my dick out and He ordered Me again saying "Come on Kid, Stick it way out". So I bent my hips out even farther really sticking my dick way out. He opened his mouth and started sucking my dick way faster then the first two guys. Again the head of my dick was still very sensitive and again I bent my butt back away from him again pulling my dick out of his mouth.
I could barely stand the super sensations on the head of my dick. He very roughly grabbed my hips and jerked them forward. Saying as though really pissed off "Don't fucking pull away from me" He went right back to sucking my dick real fast He was relentless. Fortunately the super sensitivity in the head of my dick had lessoned to the point so I could take it and I stood back up straight. The man let out a loud Mmm sound as I straightened up my body pushing my dick out forward into his mouth. He sucked my dick at that fast pace for a good 8 or 10 minutes once in a while slowing down and trying to deepthroat my dick but he could not do it then He would just go back to sucking it fast again. The head of my dick was swelling up big again and I started to groan knowing I was about to cum yet again. He suddenly stopped and pulled his mouth off my dick.