Thursday, June 19, 2014

Getting Caught in the Act by My Girlfriend by: asshole69

I'll start off by introducing the people. The guy who will be caught with his dick inside me is named Allen. My girlfriend will be called Meg. This story is based on real events but didn't actually happen this way.
So me and Allen are texting at 1am. I'm drunk and talking really dirty. Tellin Allen how much I want his dick. I'm the bottom in our relationship and love every minute of it. So Allen decides he's can't handle it anymore and tells me to come to his house. It's empty other than him right now. I show up and head inside around the back. I get to the back deck and Allen shocked me by opening his door to the balcony. He welcomes me in and as soon as I get in he grabs my hips and grinds his hard dick into my ass. I push back into him and crawl onto the bed and throw my ass up so Allen will take my shorts off.
He does and drops them by the bed. He stares at my ass with my hole exposed and my balls and hard dick hanging down. He grabs my balls and tugs on them a little. I spin around take Allen's big cock in my mouth. Allen is about 5'10", 140lbs, with a 7" long and 3" wide dick. His dick is long and straight but bends downward halfway up his shaft so it curves perfectly for a throat. So I suck his dick until I am dripping saliva and his balls are dripping wet. He comes into the bed now and commands me to get on top of him and fuck his dick until he says stop.
So I straddle his skinny waist and cover his long dick with lube and give my hole a few good squirts. I slide his big bent clock into over my hole several times until he can't handle the teasing and he thrusts into me. All 7" burry instantly inside my ass. I feel his wet slippery balls under my heavy dick. He tells me to do my job and I begin to roll my hips against his and rock back and forth. I start pumping his dick after a few minutes and he starts to really get into. He starts pumping me harder and faster. Our skin is making the raunchy slapping, sliding, gooey lubed up sounds. We're both grunting.
I spin around to face Allen now and lean down over him and lay my head beside his while I enjoy the intense fucking my hole is receiving. Allen decides he's ready for control so he tells me to get on my stomach and raise my ass up. He stands up and braces my hips high. He dips his cock into my ass and proceeds quickly to a full on fuck. I'm moaning a little at this point, Allen is breathing heavy. The bed is croaking. When all of a sudden we here the spring behind the door make a pop. Then a loud scream. Shocked we look up and see my girlfriend Meg standing in the doorway with her heels on the ground next to her and her hands over her mouth.
What she saw was her gay best friend with his entire dick out of my ass and then plunge completely into my ass very hard and very roughly. Allen quickly pulls his cock out of my ass and and my hips fall back to the bed. I finally stand up and run to Meg and she storms out the door and I run into the hall to see our friends Ragon, Sierra, and Brianna. Completely mortified I run back into the room. Allen is dressed now and heading out to control everything. I put my shorts on and head out the back to talk to Meg. I find her I her car crying. I tell her it's not what it looks like. (What else am I gonna say) She tells me it's exactly what it looks like.
You were just getting fucked by my gay best friend. You're gay! You faggot! I said Meg. Stop. She told me to just go back inside and finish taking Allen's dick! I tried to speak and she would stop me. She told me she expected me to go finish fucking Allen or she wouldn't even consider staying with me. So I went back in to find the girls sitting in the living room on the couch.
They all giggle and stare at me. I ask if Allen is in his room. They confirm with head nods. I go to his room to find him in his bathroom. I told him I'm sorry and he said sorry too. And asked what now. I said well. You haven't finished what you started and grabbed his big dick and wagged it a little. He laughed and said really? I smiled seductively and told him to meet me in the bed. We started on our sides with my back to him. Then we morphed into me on my back and him holding my legs while e pumps my hole and my balls bounce and my dick wags like a bobble head. I squeeze his ass and pull him closer and deeper.
We're just getting back up to speed when Meg comes back in through the deck door. We both stop and stare. She motions for us to keep going and tells us that we're gonna be changing things up. She would be watching us every time now to make sure that Allen uses my hole right. So Allen reentered my ass with my girlfriend 5' away. He began to fuck ass harder and harder. Meg was commanding him to keep going. Keep going. Don't stop fucking that pussy's ass. He pumped and pumped and pumped. He finally told us he was going to cum. Meg instructed him to blow his entire load into my ass. And he did.
He pumped harder than he had all night 5 or 6 good times and almost fell over before Meg told him to now put his Dick into my throat my throat and rest his balls on my nose. She pulled out her phone and took a picture of my face with balls on my nose and my gay lovers asshole inches my nose. She quietly picked up her things and walked into the living room.